Icelandic Horses for Beginners: What You Need to Know

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As a new rider and horse enthusiast, it can be overwhelming to settle on a new breed of horse. We will entice you with some great facts about why the Icelandic horse breed is the best for you as a newbie. This horse comes from Iceland, a volcanic region that has harsh weather conditions especially during the winter season. Read on to learn more about these interesting horses before you make a final decision.

Little but Strong

The Icelandic people describe their horses as very strong although small in stature. Their close relatives are Shetland ponies, and Icelandic horses are believed to have actually originated from this breed. This is a great combination of physical features for a beginner. It will not overwhelm you in any way while you train to ride it. The other great feature is that their fur becomes shaggy during winter as an adaptation to cold weather, which is also a plus if you are from a cold region.

Benevolent and Friendly

One of the biggest reasons why Icelandic horses have become popular all over the world is because of their friendly nature. As a newbie to horses, this is a quality that you really need in your first horse. They are also disciplined and can adapt easily as long as they are treated well. Most people have had no problems with the horses particularly during the first days when the horse and the owner are getting to know each other.

A Rich History

According to the explanation by MR.Iceland, a website that organizes Icelandic tours, these horses have a rich history. This makes them a status symbol, and any beginner will appreciate being associated with them. These ponies arrived in the region with the famous seafarers called Vikings. We all know how impressive these ancient soldiers were and their history of conquering nations. Who wouldn’t want to be associated with such horses?

A Variety of Coat Colors

Everyone has a taste for favorite colors in almost anything. Icelandic horses do not limit you when it comes to colors. Whether you are looking for one color or a multi-shaded horse, you will find one. If you live in regions with long winters, you will enjoy riding a white Icelandic horse that is not easily detected. Other people prefer brown or black horses, which are also available.

Easy to Feed and Maintain

Although horses are vegetarians, they enjoy a well-planned diet. Icelandic horses are among the easiest to care for. Once you have hay, horse food mix for energy and fiber, supplements, and medications as recommended by the vet, then you are good to go. In fact, you can follow easy tutorials to take great care of your Icelandic horse without any challenges.

Final Word

As a beginner with horses, you really want a breed that is very friendly and creates no stress at all. Ultimately, the Icelandic is the best breed for you because it has the ideal list of qualities. As you can see from the highlights above, you will have an enjoyable time with this horse.

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