Palm Angels Kids Collection: What are the Latest Streetwear Trends for Children

Palm Angels Kids extends the Italian luxury fashion brand’s aesthetic to children’s wear, providing a youthful reinterpretation of its urban and streetwear-inspired designs. This collection features bold graphics, the brand’s signature motifs, and a palette that parallels the adult ranges, offering continuity in style for fashion-conscious families. The offerings include a range of apparel such as T-shirts, crewnecks, and sweatpants, all downsized and stylized for kids, while maintaining the high-end quality Palm Angels is known for.

The brand brings its distinctive designs and iconography, like the overlogo and bear graphics, to a range of kid-friendly pieces. There’s an emphasis on comfort and durability, considering the active lifestyles of children, without compromising the sharp style that Palm Angels is celebrated for. This blend ensures that the pieces are practical for everyday wear while also serving as statement items in a young fashionista’s wardrobe.

Shopping for Palm Angels Kids collection can be an exciting experience, with the brand frequently updating its inventory with new designs that echo current trends and the brand’s latest adult collections. Prices reflect the luxury status of the brand, with garments like logo T-shirts and sweatshirts providing a premium option for children’s clothing. Whether for special occasions or adding a designer touch to casual wear, Palm Angels Kids offers a range of options that encourage a bold and stylish expression from a young age.

Brand Overview

Palm Angels Kids represents a youthful extension of the Palm Angels label, retaining its high-fashion streetwear aesthetic within children’s apparel. It functions under the management of an influential fashion conglomerate, ensuring both style and corporate oversight.

History of Palm Angels

Palm Angels started as a project inspired by the Los Angeles skateboarding scene, focusing on capturing the essence of streetwear and translating it into high-end fashion. Over time, it evolved into a fully-fledged brand, recognized for blending skate culture with sophisticated sartorial elements. The kids’ collection embodies this DNA, reimagining the brand’s staples for a younger audience.

New Guards Group Holding S.p.A as a Parent Company

Palm Angels operates under the umbrella of New Guards Group Holding S.p.A, a fashion operating company that manages various luxury brands and ensures adherence to high-quality standards and business strategy alignment. This company is in accordance with Art. 2497 and following of the Italian Civil Code, which outlines the governance of companies through management and coordination activities, providing a structured framework for operations within Italy’s vibrant fashion industry.

Product Line

Palm Angels’ children’s apparel embodies a blend of contemporary fashion with a sporty edge. Their product line consists of a variety of clothing items characterized by bold logos and distinctive graphics.

Palm Angels Kids Collection Overview

The Palm Angels Kids collection features a range of clothing that includes casual t-shirts, sweatshirts, and denim, as well as more formal items like paisley shirts. The products cater to a variety of sizes aligning with the age and fit requirements for children. Below is a snapshot of the products available in their latest collection:

  • T-Shirts: Classic Overlogo T-Shirt, Bear T-Shirt
  • Sweatshirts and Hoodies: Pop PA Bear Crewneck, PA Smiley Bear Hoodie
  • Denim: Flames Wash Denim Pants, Logo Denim Jacket, PA Smiley Bleachwash Denim Jacket
  • Outerwear: Logo Track Hooded Puffer Jacket
  • Accessories: Not prominently featured in the search results

A consistent theme across all these categories is the emphasis on the iconic Palm Angels logo and graphic motifs such as their bear and smiley designs.

Design Philosophy and Aesthetics

Palm Angels Kids clothing is designed with a distinctive philosophy that merges Italian sartorial craftsmanship with an LA-inspired streetwear vibe. The aesthetics are defined by:

  • Bold and straightforward logotypes
  • Playful graphics like smiley and bear motifs
  • Sports-inspired designs with a luxury feel

The use of logos and graphics is a deliberate choice to maintain brand recognition while engaging the younger audience through fun and striking visuals. The color palettes are typically diverse but unified by the brand’s signature streetwise appeal.

Business Information

In the sphere of luxury children’s streetwear, Palm Angels Kids mirrors the corporate and financial framework of its parent entities, embodying a clear-cut structure and transparent financial underpinnings.

Corporate Structure

Palm Angels Kids is a notable segment under the umbrella of Palm Angels®, situated within the expansive operations of New Guards Group Holding S.P.A. This holding company engages in management and coordination, operating under the laws outlined in Article 2497 and subsequent legislations within the Italian Civil Code. The operational management is rooted in Venice SRL, with its legal seat listed at via Filippo Turati, Milan. The company’s registration number with the REA (Economic Administrative Index) is MI-2056611, substantiating its compliance with local regulations. Additionally, Venice SRL holds the VAT identification number P.IVA 08927120967, ensuring its recognition for international trade and financial transactions.

Financials: Share Capital and Shareholding

The financial structure of Palm Angels Kids, via its managing entities, is typified by its Share Capital and Shareholding. The defined Share Capital of Venice SRL is reported in Euros, reinforcing the financial stability requisite for international operations and growth.

Share Capital: The recorded Share Capital for Venice SRL stands firm, reflecting the company’s solid economic foundation.

Shareholders: Overseeing the strategic direction, New Guards Group Holding S.P.A is recognized as the Sole Shareholder, instilling a concentrated ownership that underpins the subsidiary’s operations.

The Shareholders maintain an investment in the company’s success, with the Sole Shareholder approach ensuring streamlined decision-making and a cohesive corporate vision based out of Milan. This cohesion is vital for Palm Angels Kids as it navigates the luxury fashion landscape.

By maintaining a robust Share Capital and the backing of a powerful Shareholder in New Guards Group Holding S.P.A, Palm Angels Kids is positioned to sustain its growth in the global market while continuing to offer luxury streetwear for kids.

Physical Presence

Palm Angels Kids extends its unique streetwear influence beyond the digital realm with a physical presence that cater to its young, stylish audience.

Retail Locations in the US

The United States hosts several retail locations where customers can find Palm Angels Kids’ collections. These stores offer a tactile shopping experience that allows customers to explore the latest styles in person. For instance:

  • New York: Flagship and boutique stores equipped with the latest Kids Collection
  • Los Angeles: Concept stores that showcase Palm Angels Kids’ urban aesthetic

International Stores and Availability

Globally, Palm Angels Kids maintains a presence in fashion-centric locales, catering to an international clientele. Key international locations include:

  • Milan: The birthplace of Palm Angels, where the brand’s Kids collection can be found in high-end fashion districts
  • Express International Shipping: Globally, the brand leverages express international shipping, ensuring that the Kids Collection is accessible around the world

Online Shopping Experience


The Palm Angels Kids section offers an online shopping experience designed for convenience and a child-centric aesthetic.

E-commerce Platform

The Palm Angels Kids collection is available on the brand’s official website, which often features a broad selection of kidswear. The platform is structured to showcase various clothing items with sorting options that include categories, collection, colors, and sizes. Prices are displayed alongside product listings, making it easy for customers to browse based on their budget.

Product Listing Example:

  • Classic Overlogo T-Shirt: $180
  • PA Smiley Bear T-Shirt: $205
  • Logo Track Hooded Puffer Jacket

User Experience and Customer Service

Customers report a straightforward navigation experience on the Palm Angels Kids section of the website, aided by filters that streamline the product search process. Additionally, detailed product descriptions and clear images help inform their choices. The site typically offers free express shipping & returns, emphasizing customer convenience. Furthermore, the customer service team is noted to be attentive to inquiries, maintaining the brand’s reputation for responsive support.

Collaborations and Endorsements

Palm Angels Kids engages in strategic collaborations and gains endorsements that resonate with their audience. These partnerships help in enhancing the brand’s visibility and appeal within the children’s luxury fashion sector.

Influential Collaborations

Palm Angels Kids has developed exclusive capsule collections that stand out in the luxury kidswear market. Exclusive capsule collections are a notable part of their collaborations, which often include unique designs not available elsewhere. These collaborations contribute to the brand’s reputation for innovation and exclusivity.

Celebrity Endorsements and Impact

Celebrity endorsements play a significant role in promoting Palm Angels Kids’ presence in the industry. The impact of these endorsements is observed in increased brand recognition and credibility. High-profile individuals and their children wearing Palm Angels Kids items can lead to heightened demand and desirability among consumers.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

In the realm of children’s fashion, Palm Angels Kids underscores its commitment through focused environmental initiatives and active community engagement. These fundamental areas reflect the brand’s dedication to sustainability and social responsibility.

Environmental Initiatives

Palm Angels Kids is conscious of its environmental footprint and champions efforts to minimize impact. It is part of a company that aims for 100 percent sustainable palm oil in production, striving to safeguard natural habitats and ecosystems. The brand also ensures that supply chain practices do not harm the environment or take advantage of workers, reflecting a holistic approach to sustainability.

Community Engagement

The brand’s social responsibility extends beyond environmental concerns, engaging with communities to foster better futures for children. Through educational programs and activities, Palm Angels Kids encourages recycling and sustainability among the younger generation, making such practices an integral part of their development and family lifestyle.



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