4 important steps to make your students enjoy learning

It is really important to make your students enjoy learning. Let me explain why, so you can see if it’s worth your investment or time or whatever. I haven’t been the victim of this yet, but I have been a teacher, and more often, I get my e-learning material from didasko-online.com, so I know how it feels to have a group of disliked students coming to your class every single day. I don’t know what they do at home, but I can tell you this; hating something is not fun at all, especially when it comes to mathematics lessons.

Students hate learning. Even though they spend a lot of time in a classroom, they often face a lack of engagement and motivation to complete the tasks set before them. It is impossible to improve their learning outcomes without making sure that they experience a sense of wonder, excitement and enjoyment. If you doubt it, let me ask you this: why does reading a Harry Potter book motivate children to learn alphabets and read better than wading through dry curricular texts? So today, I want to talk about 3 important steps to make your students enjoy learning.

Classroom environment

Teachers create an environment for their students to learn, collaborate, showcase their work, and grow as learners throughout the school year. Based on my experience through various education programs (master’s degree in elementary education, middle school classroom teacher), I can say that it can be rather difficult to reach each student on an individual level. Every student is unique and learns differently. Some students block their ears with their fingers during the reading time while others are memorizing spelling words. At this point, teachers may wonder why certain strategies that worked in the past no longer do the trick. To help our students achieve success at school and beyond, we need to look at creating dynamic classroom environments where every learner is engaged and stimulated by the lesson or activity.


Students may be eager to learn, but they could also be lazy. However, you can create an atmosphere of competition in your class to inspire them by coming up with certain contests or getting everyone to compete via awarding prizes. You do not necessarily have to give the best student the highest award if you discover that another one deserves it more, and this will help you know which ones are trying to put in their best effort and which ones think that success is just handed to them by default.

E-learning resources

Providing adequate e-learning resources in your class is an important aspect of facilitating an engaging e-learning environment. The most effective way to do this is to know how many hours it would take to watch the video before sharing it with your students. If you don’t, then they may find that they are spending more than they can reasonably be expected to watch in the timeframe you have allowed them.


Every country values basic education as a fundamental right. As such, educationally deprived people are marginalized and segregated into areas that can hardly be called safe. Nonetheless, not everyone receives the same level of education – some people learn better than others and may even be labeled stupid ­– and I believe they should have support to help them overcome this discrimination and discrimination-motivated ignorance. A common worry among parents is how their children will perform academically. Studies have shown, however, that it is possible to help students learn effectively at school. When you receive guidance on academic success strategies, you’ll feel better about your child’s future.



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