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When you walk into a remodeled kitchen with a farmhouse sink, the first impression you have about it is that it is massive. One cannot deny this, too, as these kitchen sinks are well-known for their size and dish accommodation capacity. In the past few years, this design has caught up speed. But it is not a new entry. You can come across its prevalence since old times. Anecdotes indicate that as far back as the 17th century, they were in use in Great Britain and Ireland when running water was a privilege. The large sinks helped store the water brought from wells.

The situation is different today as running water has turned into a staple need. Hence, the application of the sinks has also evolved and increased. Most of these don’t come with the typical divide. They are now mostly single bowl systems. Although there are double bowls, even in modern designs, you can choose a single large basin to store piles of dishes and pans and make cleaning an easy job.

Whether you buy a single or double bowl sink in this specific style, you can expect it to be wider and deeper than traditional ones. It can be one huge benefit for it from other versions. You can carry out your daily washing and cleaning work without having to deal with water splashing.

The size of the sink can be an attractive feature for many people, and it can apply to you as well. You can go through a Kraus apron front sink collection to have the feel of its highlights.

Using a farmhouse sink in your home

Everyone tends to have a different preference. The ability to fit in many dirty utensils can be useful for you; you can still like the amount of room it provides for you to do your tasks. For professional or busy cooks, one thing that can be the real disappointment is the small sinks. People like them have the habit of working with three bowl sinks, which tend to be extremely spacious and allow ease of washing and cleaning without any trouble. A residential home may not provide so much space for such a design. Hence, a decent alternative to this is the farmhouse sink.

Their broader and deeper shapes help check the flow of water, so your kitchen doesn’t get wet. You can set your fruits and vegetables side-by-side in two different bowls while washing them in the single basin.

If you used a massive pot for blanching purposes, you could drain water from it into the sink without any difficulty. In essence, the risks of dealing with small colanders and emptying them turn by turn get eliminated to a great extent. And if you pair it with the right faucet, you can further find your cleaning and washing job getting easier. You may not even need any separate tool for these things, which allows you to keep clutter in check. To be precise, you don’t have to load your kitchen with too many things for one task.

The issues with apron-front sinks

In apron sinks, you get quite a lot of varieties in terms of the surface. From cast iron to composite granite to stainless steel, you can pick anything that you feel is right for your cooking zone. These are all spacious, bigger than traditional designs. If you are transitioning from an old sink, you will have to rework your countertop. These sinks are usually undermount fixtures, which attach from below the countertop. It creates a seamless appearance from counter to sink; however, you may struggle if you are not willing to change your countertop. The improper measurements may lead to dissatisfaction.

So, what is your plan? If you are ready to modify the countertop, you will not have any issues. You may enjoy its large-size and spaciousness. But it is also crucial to note that you may have to choose an apron sink in the future because of the countertop. To accommodate the protruding front, you have to cut the cabinetry so that the installation is smooth and firm. Most of the other styles may not fit in this as they require common countertop measurements. Hence, it makes sense to revisit your budget and options well.

Anyway, all these are about personal preferences. People who switched to farmhouse versions enjoyed their journey with them and continue to have them as a part of their daily life.

Farmhouse sink and industrial interior aesthetics

Creating a mix of farmhouse and industrial feel in the kitchen becomes easy when you infuse the pops of black in the surroundings of whitewashed wood and plenty of metals. If you wish to delve into this lifestyle, you can think of using a stainless steel basin. The clean design and robust appearance can immediately elevate the overall look you desire to achieve. For adding versatility through superior style and durability, you can opt for a fireclay. To balance between modern and traditional charm, you can go with composite granite. An advantage with the last option is also the freedom of choice with colors. From white, black, and gray, these help you imagine your décor even widely.

Like other styles, a farmhouse kitchen sink has some merits and demerits. You have to weigh them in your context to decide whether it is a good deal or not. People who love cooking or have large families feel comfortable with this type of basin. They have to handle bulky pots and pans daily. If you identify with them, you don’t have to worry about this option. The new designs come with useful accessories also, removing the need to add them separately. These include colanders, drying/rinsing racks, bottom grid, etc. These offers can vary from model to model, though. Hence, it is better to keep an eye on what you get with a specific choice.

Check online stores if you cannot visit brick-and-mortar shops. Just make sure they are reliable. You can browse their product range and specifications before going ahead. It can be a comfortable experience too.



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