Types of Wood Furniture To Buy for Your Home

The furniture you’re looking for may already be in a store near you. But does it have all the qualities of a great piece?

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable piece, Ottawa is a great place to shop. It has some of the best furniture in the country. Additionally, there are also plenty of stores that specialize in wood furniture. Suppose you want to be sure that your new piece will last through many generations; Ottawa is for you.

If you’re not from town, you can even use this furniture-shopping event to enjoy what Ottawa can offer tourists. For example, you can marvel at Ottawa River’s marvellous architecture or sample Byward Market’s local produce.

Whether your next Ottawa visit is purely for business or pleasure, it will surely be worth it. Check out these tips if you’re unsure what furnishings or woodcraft in Ottawa to purchase from furniture stores.

Maple Wood

Maple is a more popular choice for furniture because it’s hard and durable. It’s also easy to work with. It may not be as heavy as oak or walnut. However, saving money on your wood furniture is a great option.

Maple wood furniture has a light colour that darkens over time and goes well with most decorating styles. You can get maple in various finishes, including clear coat, oiled, and waxed. It also has a gorgeous grain pattern that distinguishes it from other types of wood.

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany is a gorgeous traditional wood-making piece of furniture. It’s also easy to work with since it’s lighter than other types of wood. Most people believe that this wood has a reddish-brown colour. Yet, it also has lighter colour varieties for those who love light, clean wood furniture.

Furniture makers source genuine mahogany wood from Latin America, which is becoming scarcer. These explain why the wood and its by-products could be a bit pricey.

Oak Wood

For durable furniture that could last for decades, go for those made from oak. The tree itself has an average lifespan of 150 to 200 years, with some reaching 400 years. It follows that its by-product also has a longer lifespan than other woods. This means when you buy oak furniture for your home, you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Oak wood is a beautiful, sturdy wood used to make furniture of all kinds. It’s also known for its rich, deep colour. This makes it a good choice for pieces you want to stand out in your home. Oak furniture often comes with a high-quality finish. This adds to its durability and beauty.

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood has a light red colour that can vary from light pink to deep red. The variations depend on the type of cherry tree it comes from. This wood has been a furniture-making staple since ancient times. This is primarily because it is hard and durable. This makes it an excellent choice for your home or office furniture.

Cherry wood is easy to work with, but some people may be allergic to it. If you’re looking for a warm, rich colour that will enhance your home, cherry wood is a great choice.

Choose Your Wood Furniture Wisely

When you’re ready to buy new furniture, choosing the right type of wood can be challenging. You want something that will last and be easy to clean and maintain. Note that selecting the right furniture for your home is not only about looks. It’s also about durability and practicality.

Ensure you know what kind of wood will stand up best in your home environment. Do this before making any purchases.



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