How To Do Your Weekly Shop When Meal Prepping

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When it comes to meal prep, it isn’t just the actual meal prep itself that can become an arduous task; the weekly shop has also been known to become quite the thorn in the side. There are a few things you can do however, to make your weekly shop a whole lot easier. Here’s our guide to doing your weekly shop when meal prepping for success.

Learn The Supermarket Layout Like The Back Of Your Hand

Like most people, you may use more than one supermarket to do your weekly shopping. There will be however, a dominant store; one you choose to use the most. Pick which one you use most frequently and then memorise it. Think about how you move around the store, is it in a certain direction? Is there a certain order you move around the shop? You may also want to ask yourself where your favourite foods are and where you go the most within that particular store. You could even find out when their delivery days are and better yet, whether they’d consider stocking food you’d have to go elsewhere for instead.

Grab A Map Of Your Favourite Supermarket

This sounds crazy, granted but hear us out. When you walk into a supermarket, they usually have a stand with free handouts. This is usually filled with free magazines and leaflets. More often than not, they’ll also be a map of the store. Grab it and take it with you. You might also want to pick up their free magazine too as these usually contain some fantastic recipes for foods in their specific chain. Rather convenient cooking recipes created by the store you purchase the food from.

Create Your Own Map

Take a look at the map of the store, whether it’s one from them or even one you drew down on paper. Now mark out where the products are that you buy. If you want to consider budgeting too, you can take a picture of the pricing but doing so will give you even more things to take into consideration and we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves. Then make a note of all aisle numbers. When writing your list, you’ll then be able to write it down in aisle order. So you walk in and grab everything as you pass it in the order of the store layout. This cuts down on time massively.

Create Your Recipe Binder

If you meal prep, we’d say it’s highly likely that you’ll have set recipes you like to enjoy. If you do, we suggest writing these recipes down and what ingredients they need to make them. Next to the ingredients, write down which aisle they reside in at your favourite store. When deciding what you’re going to eat for the week, simply check the ingredients list and write down what you need complete with where in the store you’ll need to grab it. Each month you can add new recipes with new updated aisle references.

Make That Meal Prep Shopping List

Whether you’re the only person in the house who meal preps or one of many, it doesn’t mean you have to do the shopping every week. With a well instructed shopping list, consisting of aisle numbers and your faithful store map, you can delegate to just about anyone in the house to go out and grab it. Just pin it on the fridge at the start of each week and go.

Make Meal Prep Easier With Recipe For Results

While this is of course doable, it takes a lot of effort to actually put into practice. Thankfully, there’s a way of making it much easier and that’s through using a meal prep service such as Recipe For Results. Simply pick the type of meal prep you’re looking for, be it for weight loss or muscle gain and then choose the exact meals you’d like. No more weekly shops and no more time spent food prepping for the week ahead. Quick, simple and delicious. Contact Recipe For Results on 01277 636042.

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