Unique Raksha Bandhan Celebration Ideas with Brother living Far Away 

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Sisters who are blessed with brothers will be able to relate with a life of silly fights and disagreements. And it is unavoidable. But, not argument or fight can ever diminish the love sisters, and brothers share. Such is the rapport siblings share; just like tom and jerry. They fight but also cannot live without each other. This is what makes the brother-sister relationship the most beautiful relation of the world.

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival that celebrates the love-hate relationship shared by brothers and sisters. The Rakhi festival is honoured across the nation with enthusiasm. On this day, sisters tie rakhi– the thread of love and protection after applying tilak on brother’s forehead, prays to the God of life and death (Yamraj) for the longevity of her brother’s life and sweetens his mouth with sweets. Exchange of gifts between brothers and sisters is a rakhi ritual that makes this festival more joyful. And, in return, the brother pledges to save his sister from all evils.

 However, as brothers and sisters grow old, they move to different cities to pursue their dreams. But, that doesn’t mean they grow apart because distance means nothing when someone means so much. And, living far away from one another also doesn’t imply that you have to put an end to Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Even staying continents and oceans apart from each other, brothers and sisters can always express their love to each other in beautiful ways.

 If you and your brother live in different countries, and you are thinking about how to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with him uniquely, then here we have outlined some of the practical and best ways. Take cues!

  1. Send Rakhi Online: If your brother cannot be with you on Raksha Bandhan due to reasons or you cannot fly down to him in the wake of CoronaVirus pandemic or any other purpose, do not be disheartened. You can always send your love to him rolled over a rakhi. Several online platforms are providing online rakhi delivery services within India and abroad. So, visit a reputed platform, buy rakhi online, such as designer rakhi, silver rakhi, eco-friendly rakhi or anyone of your choice and send it to his doorstep. Upon receiving your thread of love, your brother’s eye will swell with happy tears.
  2. Celebrate it digitally: You and your brother like to celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan traditionally. Isn’t it? But, you live away from each other and cannot be together for the festivities due to reasons. What to do? Celebrate it digitally like you have been doing for years. Over a video conferencing call, perform the Raksha Bandhan rituals. Exchange smiles and laughter. Stay connected, digitally!
  3. Surprise Him with Gifts: Raksha Bandhan allows you and your brother to relive all the golden moments you have spent together till date, and to make more. Now, when you both are growing in different cities, Raksha Bandhan is your golden chance to walk down the memory lane and strengthen your relationship over gifts. Not any gifts, but personalised tokens imprinted with memories and engraved with feelings. Send him Raksha Bandhan special personalised gifts.
  4. Touch the Heart Musically: This Raksha Bandhan, cover the distance musically. Avail singer-on-call service being provided by reputed online gifting platforms. It is a service in which a singer will sing a song on video conferencing call for the recipient. You have the choice to request the singer a song you wish to hear. So, convey your heart out to your brother on Raksha Bandhan melodiously over this service.
  5. Social Media Status: This is easy and heartwarming. On Raksha Bandhan, post a picture with your brother along with a heartfelt message for him. Gather all your feelings and write it down, you can dedicate a poem to him or just post a montage–a compilation of audios and videos. This gesture of yours will make him nostalgic.

 We hope all these ideas will help you celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your brother living far away, uniquely yet beautifully. 

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