15 Extra Special Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

Decorating Easter eggs is one of the best and most fun traditions about the holiday. Every one of us gets to be a bit more creative and make something wonderful using ordinary eggs for canvases.

Most of us go the easy route and simply dye the eggs in a large batch in different colors. That is enough, but quite boring, especially when you want to get the kids excited about the holiday.

Putting a little bit more effort and sparing just a bit of your time and you can create true mini-masterpieces on the surface of each egg you decorate, be it real or fake.

To get your Easter imagination going, we made a small list with exceptional ways to decorate eggs. Some are easier and faster to do than others, but all will definitely impress your Easter guest.

1. Gold Flake Eggs

diy gold flakes lacaypacey
Photo: laceyplacey.com

Let’s start with something easy, yet flashy. This is a small and simple upgrade to the base dyed eggs you’ll probably be doing anyway, so why not take just one more step and you will get this shiny effect that’s pure gold.

2. Woodland Creatures 

diy easter eggs woodland animals
Photo: extremecouponingmom.ca

Who doesn’t like cute little critters, even if they are only eggs? These eggs painted and decorated to look like woodland animals are just too adorable to pass out on making. You can turn it into a whole-family project, the kids will love it.

3. Ice Cream Eggs

diy icecream thedecoratedcookie
Photo: thedecoratedcookie.com

Easter usually is in late Aprill, so April Fool’s Day may be gone, but you can still pull a joe on some of your friends, with these sweet ice cream colored Easter eggs. No dye needed, just a bit of painting, and they do look perfectly delicious.

4. Marbled Eggs

diy easter marbeled easter eggs homeyohmy
Photo: homeyohmy.com

I’ve always found marble patterns to look very elegant and sophisticated. Luckily for us, marble patterns can be done quite easily in very different ways, but this tutorial will show you a food-safe technique you’ll love doing.

5. Strawberry Eggs

diy easter eggs strawberry lostmom
Photo: lostmom.org

Strawberries are delicious and healthy, and come out in April, making them one of the signs Spring is in full bloom. It’s only fitting to make a few strawberry-colored eggs to decorate your Easter, and these are very beautifully done.

6. Tattooed Eggs

diy easter eggs temporary tattoo nur noch.
Photo: nur-noch.com

Stickers and temporary tattoos are aplenty, available in every image and pattern. You can use the ones from this project or find some others you like. It’s a nice and easy solution that look lovely in the end.

7. Watercolor Painted Eggs

diy easter eggs watercolor craftberrybush
Photo: craftberrybush.com

While sticker and tattoos are all nice and good, it can’t compare to the unique beauty of hand-painted Easter eggs. These watercolor floral patterns are very chic and pretty calming to make if you want to give them a go.

8. Abstract Flacked Eggs

diy easter eggs paint flakes yourdiyfamily
Photo: yourdiyfamily.com

These abstract freckled eggs are a great choice if you want to make a larger batch fast with each turning out differently. It is a fun little project, using paint, orzo, and macaroni pasta. The kids will love helping you out with these.

9. Faux Faberge Eggs

diy easter eggs faux fabrage eggs thirstyfortea
Photo: thirstyfortea.com

Faberge eggs are the pinnacle of fancy and posh, and you can make some yourself this Easter. It might take some time, but the end result is well worth it. These faux Faberge eggs are simply royal.

10. Dragon Eggs

diy easter dragon eggs madincrafts
Photo: madincrafts.com

Dragon eggs for Easter became especially popular after the Game of Thrones show and you can usually find variety of them in stores. Here is a more affordable option to have some for your Easter party, all you need is some plastic eggs, craft foam, and some spray paint.

11. Fingerpaint Cactus Eggs

6a017ee3c48414970d01b8d2e2766a970c 800wi
Photo: thehomesteady.com

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you will love this fun way to decorate some Easter eggs. Reliving your finger painting days, just a few green fingerprints on the eggs, a bit of red and you have cute little cactus decorated eggs in no time.

12. Insect Decoupage Eggs

diy easter eggs decopauge easter eggsh craftifymylove
Photo: craftifymylove.com

Not everyone is a fan of insects, even if some are quite beautiful, like butterflies and ladybugs. Since they’re also Spring messengers, of a sort, it seems only fitting to make a few of these insect Easter eggs, using only some insect pictures and using a decoupage technique.

13. Unicorn Eggs

diy unicorn
Photo: ourkidthings.com

girls will adore these magical Easter eggs. They don’t need much in terms of painting, which doesn’t mean they are one of the faster projects to make.

14. Galaxy Eggs 

diy easter eggs galaxy easter eggs space dreamalittlebigger
Photo: dreamalittlebigger.com

For some really stellar Easter eggs, you’ll want to make these galaxy Easter eggs. You’ll create your own universe with each egg and they look so out-of-this-world, the time and effort are irrelevant.

15. Harry Potter Eggs

diy easter eggs harry potter
Photo: bugaboocity.com

Harry Potter fans will go bonkers for these Easter eggs. How can you not like them? They look almost like collectibles. You will need some skill to make them, but at least the egg-stands are available in the link. Either way, making them and seeing the joy on your kids’ faces once they’re done will be magic.

Hope you liked our short and fun list on decorated Easter eggs and that it helped and inspired you to make something truly special for this Easter. Happy holiday and we’ll love to hear your thoughts in the comments.



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