5 Effective Ways to Reduce Stress and Feel Better

If you’re feeling stressed out lately, you’re not alone. Life is stressful: Jobs, kids, spouses, and finances are all common causes of stress. If you’re feeling extra stress-out this summer, there are many proactive decisions you can make to help reduce your stress level and make you feel better.

Get High-Quality Sleep

Doctors typically recommend getting between seven and nine hours of sleep for healthy adults. But let’s be honest, how often do you actually get that? If you’re a busy parent with a full-time job, you may find time for sleep put on the bottom of your priority list. However, by getting more sleep, you will find your days more productive. Sleep is a need for our bodies, just like water and food. Without sleep, not only will we feel more physically tired, but our minds become foggy too. Committing to getting at least seven hours of sleep per night can help us become more productive during the day, relieve lower tension, and reduce stress levels.

Commit to Regular Exercise

Committing to regular exercise can also help to reduce stress levels and promote overall health and wellness. Exercising releases a chemical in your brain called endorphins, which causes a general positive feeling in your body and mind. By exercising every day, this positive feeling can lead to lower levels of stress. However, committing to regular exercise every day can be difficult. Many of the top-rated gyms in Denver and other cities offer personal trainers or classes to help you commit to a regular schedule. Even though the initial training might be painful, exercise will pay off in the end by promoting overall wellness and lower stress levels.

Find a Relaxing Hobby

Many people have hobbies that help them to relax and relieve stress after a long workday. Things like painting, coloring, and fishing are all common hobbies to relieve stress. By finding an activity that puts your mind at ease, you will be able to let go of a stressful day and prepare for the next day ahead. Make sure that whatever hobby you choose is relaxing and enjoyable for you so that you do not further increase your stress.

Eat Better Food

Eating better foods can also effectively reduce stress and make you feel better. Foods that are high in sugar and caffeine can lead to mood swings and make you more tired after their effects wear off. Foods high in fat and carbohydrates can lead to sluggishness or even an upset stomach. By eating more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, you can increase your energy, ultimately reducing negative feelings and stress. Consider trading foods high in fat such as potato chips for a healthier snack such as sugar snap peas. Quinoa is a high protein grain that can be substituted for high-fat meats as well.

Reduce Your Stressors

It might sound simple, but simply reducing your life stressors will help you reduce stress. If finding time to shop for groceries during the week is causing you stress, then consider a grocery delivery service. In our high-energy, busy society, sometimes we forget that reducing our stressors and taking time for our minds to adequately rest is not a sign of weakness but a way to build strength. If you’ve overextended your schedule, then there is nothing wrong with reducing activities or asking for a bit of help.


If you’re feeling stress-out lately, you may want to consider making some changes. Being proactive and making small, simple choices can help to reduce stress levels, increase your productivity, and promote overall feelings of health and well-being. Things like eating better foods, committing to regular exercise, and getting high-quality sleep are all little choices that can make a big difference in your stress levels. If all else fails, it may be time to remove some of the stressful events in your day-to-day life.



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