How to make money as a reviewer

It seems like we are being asked for reviews all the time: on the apps we use, the restaurants we eat at and every time we make a video call. Did you know you can make money by writing reviews? Instead of giving your opinion away for free, you can earn rewards in return for high-quality reviews. It is a great option for making money while studying or if you are looking to earn some more money on the side. Here are some ways you can make money from your reviews.

Dedicated sites

Companies will pay to hear what you have to say about their products and advertising through surveys. Good businesses understand their target audience’s needs and opinions and create products that align with them. You can sign up to websites such as OGPlanet to receive gift cards as a reward for your reviews. They cater to reviewers all over the world and even on mobile devices. Whenever you want to earn some more money to spend at a range of retailers, all you have to do is complete points earning tasks. It’s a quick and flexible way to earn a return on your opinions


Many of us head to social media to hear the opinions of those we trust. You can become an authoritative voice within your community and earn an income on Youtube. You do need to put time and effort into growing an audience to start earning money but the pay-off can be very profitable. From reviewing make-up to books there are so many different niches on Youtube that produce reviews. In fact, the eight-year-old reviewer ‘Ryan’s World’ is the highest earning Youtuber at the moment.

The main method of making money on Youtube is through advertising revenue. You will make money from the adverts shown during your video. The more views on your videos (and its accompanying ads) the more money you will make. You may also have the opportunity to work with companies who want you to promote their product on your channel. Many businesses want to take the opportunity that large Youtube audiences bring to advertise their products. Youtube can be a lucrative form of income if you are committed to it.

Your own website

If you prefer to write rather than present, creating your own website could be the best option for you. Potential customers want to hear the opinions of those who have already used products so they know whether it is worth spending their money on or not. You will find the most success blogging if you stick to a niche. Readers will know you as a reviewer within a certain industry and follow you to hear more about the products they are interested in.

This is another avenue where you can earn money through advertising and working with companies. Once your readership reaches a substantial level, you can earn money through display ads. By readers clicking on your website and viewing the accompanying adverts, you receive income. Once established in your niche, companies within that industry will want to make deals with you so their product can reach your audience from a source that they trust.

Sponsorship opportunities on Youtube and websites you may offer you affiliate links. These are links to products you are promoting. If the links are used by your audience to make a purchase, you will earn a commission. Your earning potential is increased if you are paid to promote a product and paid if your audience chooses to buy it.

If you are writing high-quality and popular reviews, you could even start applying to magazines, newspapers and publishers who take guest post reviews. You will be paid for your work and named on other platforms that will, in turn, bring more traffic to your site. Guest posting on blogs or in magazines will earn you immediate payment as well as allowing you to grow your audience.

Freelancing sites

Another way to build experience before approaching publications with your written reviews is through working for clients. There are numerous sites for freelance workers who want to complete projects for clients. It is popular in the writing industry. Various websites and publications want written articles to add to their content. One form of written articles is reviews. If you can develop your writing skills in this niche, you can create a profitable business writing reviews for clients. Writing professionally can be intimidating but starting freelance can build your confidence and experience as you begin getting paid for your work.

Earning money as a reviewer can seriously increase your income. From small one-off reviews to creating a reviewing business on Youtube or a website, if you are skilled at and enjoy writing reviews, there are lots of opportunities for you.



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