Small Business, Big Impact: Elevating Your Brand Through Packaging

As a small business, you take care of everything to ensure you’re offering the best to your customers. While you may have just started out, you could have big success by doing a few things differently than others. How can you elevate your brand? There are several things you can do. In this post, you’ll learn how packaging can make a huge impact. Take a look:

Make it look good

When designing your product packaging, remember that your product is “the face of your company” when it arrives on someone’s doorstep. With this in mind, create branded packaging that appeals to your consumers.

Simple yet creative packaging can make customers excited about receiving your product, whatever it may be. Whether it’s food or new technology, make it look good for your customers while remaining true to your branding guidelines. It’s the retail version of “putting your best foot forward,” so do what you can to ensure the “first look” is recognizable and visually appealing.

Ensure it’s up-to-standard

Your product packaging also has to ensure it travels well. If you have specific shipping methods, you need to think about ISTA 3A standards and pass your shipping tests. Some products may be negatively impacted by extreme environments during the shipping process. So keep this in mind as you design your packaging.

Think about sustainability

While aesthetics and shipping methods are important, as you start a business from home and think about how to package and ship your products, consider the environment. The amount and type of material you use impact the planet. And some customers may be turned off by wasteful packaging. So ensure your packaging design integrates sustainable elements to create a better experience for your consumers.

There are alternatives to your typical bubble wrap and mushroom packaging designed with sustainability in mind. Sustainable practices bleed over from packaging to shipping, so make sure you’re looking for methods that can help you decrease your carbon footprint on the planet.

Make it personal

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your customers, don’t hesitate to integrate personal elements into your packaging. While it may not be as efficient if your brand grows exponentially, smaller brands can show their gratitude to early adopters through a handwritten note. You can also automate thank-you notes and information cards to emphasize your branding further.

There are various ways to make each customer feel special, so look for unique ways to show your customers appreciation for their business. It may take an extra minute in your packaging process, but if it keeps customers interested for life, then it’s worthwhile, don’t you think?

Showcase your brand

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Are you seeking to highlight your name as you build up your brand? If so, you absolutely must include your brand name on your packaging. One option is to customize shipping boxes with your logo, or you could include usable bags to “wrap” your product in that include your logo on them. Another way to highlight your brand name, all the way from the warehouse to the consumer, is to include your logo on your packaging tape.

Either way, as long as your name gets out there and you do your part to make your branding recognizable, your business will be on its way to becoming a household name.

In Conclusion

Sustainable packaging that’s also visually appealing and durable is extremely important and should be well thought out. Small businesses that want to make an impression on their customers should take every opportunity to surprise and delight customers, especially through their packaging and shipping methods.



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