These are the top 5 safest cars for 2020

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Whether you’re in the market to buy a new car, or you’re wanting to lease or rent one from the likes of ZenAuto for a period of time, safety is one of the top deciding factors for many of us. Thankfully, governing bodies do the hard work for you and put vehicles through a series of rigorous crash tests before they hit the market.

Here are 5 of the best-performing cars in 2020, all of which have were awarded 5 stars.

1. Tesla Model 3

Although one of the most expensive cars in the electric car industry, you cannot deny the quality of the Tesla 3. It’s a high-tech EV that you can use in your everyday life. With an impressive touchscreen system inside, which is 15 inches in diameter, and a multitude of other gadgets, it earned a record-setting 94% score for safety assistance and 96% for adult protection in the crash tests.

2. VW T-Cross

This small, reasonably priced SUV, is the second safest car in the world. Described as compact and comfortable, the T-Cross is perfect for families or people who love a vehicle with plenty of swinging room; it scored an impressive 97% for adult safety with the NCAP. Big enough to easily get four adults inside and room for all your shopping, you’ll have everything you need for going about your day-to-day life.

3. Mazda 3

Both safe and fun in every way; scoring a whopping 98% for adult protection, its safety features doesn’t impact on the fun you can have in this model in any way. Boasting perfectly weighted steering and an impressive level of grip on the road, it’s perfect for driving in towns, cities and rural environments.

4. Skoda Scala

With an impressive 97% and 87% for score for adult and child protection respectively, the Scala has a spacious and comfortable cabin, ideal for the whole family. It’s also renowned for being an easy drive – so, whether you’re simply doing the school run, nipping to the shops, or driving on holiday, there’s plenty of room for everyone/thing.

5. SEAT Tarraco

One of the best and safest SUVs on the market, with a 97% score for adult protection, the SEAT Tarraco is one to beat. Boasting lane-keeping, changing assistance and auto emergency breaking, it’s one of the most highly sought after practical family cars on the market. With space for five adults and two children, you’ll have no problem fitting the kitchen sink in if you need to!

It’s safe to say there are plenty of incredibly safe vehicles to buy at the moment; which one will you choose?

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