Fused Glass Art: What You Need To Know

Even though fused glass art supplies are relatively new, it has taken the world of art by storm. The options are absolutely endless for what you can create with a sheet of glass, kiln, and a mold. Before we go any further, it is imperative to know what fused glass art is?

It is the art of melting glass, either in a planned way, or randomly to prepare something distinct and mesmerizing.

The concept is pretty fundamental — melt the glass together, the options, though, are limitless — you can make wall art, jewelry, bowls, beads, and million other items.

How to Get Started With Fused Glass Art? – It’s Easy

To get started, the prerequisites are:

  • Mold,
  • A sheet of glass, and
  • A kiln.

Firstly, the kiln needs to be heated at an apt temperature, after that, you’ll have to put the glass on top of the mold in the way you desire and then let the glass melt — if you heat or cool the glass, it may break.

Therefore, experts advise monitoring the kiln thoroughly, it is of paramount importance when it comes to how captivating the final product will be. As soon as the glass cools gently, you’ll witness something new and beautiful.

What Can You Do With Fused Glass Art? – It’s Limited to One’s Imagination

Recently, making jewelry such as beads and pendants with glass fusing techniques has gained immense popularity. A selection of unique molds is required to build your own style of jewelry.

The molds of various sizes and designs are available over the Internet; you can pick anything, and let your inspiration take control to leave your family and friends awestruck.

Another cool thing to do with the fused glass is recycling your old wine and liquor bottles to come up with something out-of-the-blues. Since you can melt and reuse multiple times; it is the best use of all the wasteful glass bottles lying around your house.

Melt it down in bowls or plates that will come handy in your everyday life.

With regard to the kiln’s size, you can make sizable chic wall art. If your kiln is considerably small in size, then you can arrange the various pieces on a wall to have something creative to get great praise from whoever comes to your place.

And, don’t forget randomness is the mother of all creations, so let the glass melt to see what happens, there are no scales and rules in art. With a vast collection of molds, you can come up with fascinating art pieces in any color and shape you want.

Over time, you’ll develop expertise in terms of shape and thickness consistency. And, with persistence, you can start making sets of art pieces such as jewelry, bowls, and plates, and sell it over hundreds of buy-and-sell handmade websites such as Etsy.

In the end

Practice and patience are the fundamental ingredients to develop the skills to create beautiful fused glass artworks that people love to behold, and you even make a living out of it.



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