How to Prepare Yourself for Homecoming

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Once the new school year rolls in and summer turns into fall, it’s the time to begin thinking about your homecoming. While each school may vary when it comes to homecoming traditions, being in the know and getting prepared well in advance can take the weight off your shoulders and mean you’re all ready and raring to go for the big day.

Whether it’s understanding what homecoming is all about, having a budget in place for homecoming costs, as well as what to wear for the homecoming dance, here are a few tips to help get you prepared for the big night.

Understanding Homecoming

In most schools, homecoming is a weeklong celebration for high school students. Known as an annual tradition in America, there are various activities and events that culminate in a homecoming dance. All the homecoming events are based around celebrating school spirit and bringing the community together. For most schools, homecoming week takes place at the beginning of the school year. Typical homecoming events include a football game, a parade, a pep rally, and of course, a homecoming dance! No matter what type of event you take part in, you are sure to have fun!

Homecoming Court

The homecoming court usually consists of a homecoming king and queen, as well as additional court members, all of which are your fellow classmates. To be in with the chance of scooping the crown, you can nominate or be nominated yourself for homecoming king or queen, however, you will need to check out your school’s participation requirements beforehand. Some schools may require you to have an excellent attendance record, as well as certain grades in order to be eligible.

Who Attends Homecoming?

Every school will vary when it comes to who is allowed to attend the homecoming dance. If you are a freshman and you’re allowed to attend, you should definitely go! The homecoming dance can be a great opportunity to meet people from different grades, as well as embrace your new school’s spirit. Before you purchase your ticket for the big event, make sure that you speak with your homecoming committee who will provide you with all the details you need. No matter what you’re grade in, homecoming week is all about bringing students together, meaning you will have tons of fun!

Finding the Perfect Dress

Now that you have an idea of what homecoming is all about, it’s important that you find the perfect dress. With so much choice to pick from, knowing where to start can be challenging. However, rather than heading to the mall and hoping for the best, there is plenty of choice online that you can take your time perusing, such as this Jovani homecoming dresses collection. Jovani is a dress designer renowned for their high-quality prom dresses, and they already have an array of 2020 homecoming dresses that come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, details, and colors. When finding the perfect dress online, you can narrow your list by choosing different dress lengths, necklines, and fabric.

Take Your Time Getting Ready

Once homecoming dance night arrives, it’s best to give yourself a couple of hours beforehand to get yourself ready and raring to go. It’s best not to rush yourself, however, so keeping an eye on the time is a must! You could relax with a face mask for 20 minutes, which can leave your skin looking and feeling great. Make sure that you jump in the shower beforehand at least, as there’s nothing more gross than arriving at your homecoming dance with greasy hair from sports practice! Remember, don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do. If you’re not the type of girl who’s into makeup and fashion, that’s okay! Being yourself is the most important thing, as the last thing you want is to not feel comfortable throughout the event.

Bring Your Camera

There are lots of memories to be made throughout homecoming and the homecoming dance, so you need to make sure that you bring your camera along. You will want to have snapshots that you can look back on, especially when you’re glammed up for the big event, so taking pictures throughout the night of you dancing with your friends can be a great memory to look back on.

Be Yourself

Most importantly of all, you need to be yourself throughout homecoming! Nothing is more attractive than a person who is comfortable in their own skin, so make sure that you enjoy your special night, as you will most likely want to do it all over again once the morning rolls in! If you suffer with low self-esteem, there are tons of confidence boosting tips that you can take onboard before homecoming which can make a big difference.

To help make sure you’re fully prepared for homecoming, it’s best to do your dress shopping a couple of weeks in advance. Once the big day arrives, getting yourself glammed up, bringing your camera to take some snaps of the night, and most importantly, being yourself and having fun with your friends will mean you have a homecoming that you will never forget!

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