How to tell if your crush likes you

How to Tell if Your Crush Likes You? 17 Surefire Signs to Watch For

We all have someone we like. And now you have a crush on someone, and you do not know if he/she likes you back. So, naturally, you are wondering how to tell if your crush likes you. Well, if you are dying to find out, and you are confused, you should look for the signs and clues.

These signs will help you resolve your inner conflict. Just be careful, do not assume. Even if you notice most of the signs on this list, do not assume and do not be overly-aggressive. With that in mind, here are a couple of ways for how to tell if your crush likes you.

Steal glances

One of the most obvious signs that someone is into you is stealing glances. If you catch your crush staring at you once or twice, that might not be a coincidence. Just keep watching, but do not be obsessed with it. You want to come out as normal and chill.

Late texting

Do you both stay up late texting each other? If that is the case, there is probably something there. If your crush is willing to stay up late at night, starring at the glow of the phone, she is either interested or lonely. Hope it is the former.

She texts you first

Are you always the one to send a text first, or your crush does the same? Does your crush send “what are you up to” every now and then? If you are always the one sending the text, your crush might not be into you, even if she responds nicely always.

How shy is your crush around you?

If you want to know how to tell if your crush likes you, you have to figure out her shyness around you. If your crush is usually a confident person, and she turns into a blabbering fool around you, it is a good sign she likes you.

However, you have to be careful, some people are just shy all the time. And you might misread the situation.

Responds with long messages

Observe the messages your crush sends at you. If she sends lengthy messages and responds, they want to keep the conversation going. Keep talking and asking questions.

She mirrors your gestures

One of the more telling signs that your crush likes are when he/she starts mirroring your gestures. People often mirror the gestures of the person they like, and they copy their mannerism. If you cross your legs, see if your crush does the same. Or if you touch your face, and so on.

Wants to know more about you

If this is a normal friendship, the person on the other side might not be too eager to know trivial information about you. For example, what is the name of your pet, what is your favorite color, and so on? But if your crush keeps asking trivial questions and details, he/she wants more than just a friendship.

Makes excuses to touch you

This happens when you are out in a club or walking. Your crush laughs and reaches out and touches your arm. Or she shows you something on her phone to get you close. How close does your crush sit next to your side? All of these are signs your crush likes you. In some cases, your crush can also lean on you, and it is a surefire sign to tell he/she likes you.

Respects you

When you like someone, you tend to respect them. Yes, we all fought our crush when we were little kids. But now that you are an adult, you respect your crush, and you act like a gentleman or a gentlewoman around. That includes opening the door, share food, stick up for your crush, get along with your friends, and look at you with respect in his/her eyes.

She tells you places she likes to go

Does your crush tell you about the concerts she likes to go, or places she likes to go, or even places she would like to eat? Talking about places they want to go is usually a sign you should ask them out. They are just giving you opportunities to do so.

Notices small details

If your crush is interested to know everything about, she might also remember them. She will observe even the tiniest detail of your being. For example, expect questions about scars that nobody else notices. Or she might comment on your handwriting.

She looks at your lips

This is one of the definite signs your crush likes, and she even wants you to kiss her. When you are looking and talking to each other, if she is looking at your lips, she expects a kiss. However, be careful to take a look at other signs as well, as there is always the chance your crush is looking at the lettuce between your teeth.

Appreciates you

When your crush is too grateful even for passing on the bowl of cooking or picking up her pen, it is usually a sign of something more. That praise is not something she gives to everyone else. And when a person praises you for almost everything, like your haircut, or how you dress up, the signs are there.

Responds positively to invitations

Automatic willingness to join you on a night out is a surefire sign someone likes you. Now, there is always the chance someone denies your invitation because of schedule arrangements and so on, but if your crush generally wants to hang out with you, she likes you. Just be careful, friends like to hang out as well.

Shares secrets with you

When your crush is comfortable enough to share some secrets with you, even if you are not best friends, then it can be a sign of attraction. It is a common behavior of someone wanting to open up about his/her life and seeks your acceptance and trust.

Laughs at your jokes

Try to tell a stupid joke. If your crush laughs at it, she might be into you. If your crush finds your jokes particularly funny, you have something going on in there. She might even laugh at the jokes that flop. We all want a person with a sense of humor, and laughing together is a nice sign of mutual interest.

She teases you constantly

Just to be clear, there is a fine line between teasing and making fun of someone. But if it is teasing, then it is interest and attraction. The tactic of poking fun at your crush is one of the rare tactics that extend well beyond childhood.

Top 5 Signs she is not that into you

In addition to the signs for how to tell if your crush likes you, we want to give you five signs that show she is just not that into you.

Here are those.

  • She constantly sends one or two-word answers to your texts and questions
  • You two have been friends for a while, and nothing happens
  • Your crush makes excuses not to hang out with you
  • She has cried in front of you
  • She vents about her past and current love life to you



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