Spencer Pratt Parents: Meet the Family of the Funny Television Personality

Spencer Pratt, a reality television personality, gained fame and controversy as a key figure on MTV’s hit series “The Hills,” and later on its spin-off, “The Hills: New Beginnings.” His relationship with fellow cast member, Heidi Montag, only served to fuel the drama surrounding him. However, it’s not just the on-screen spectacle that kept audiences captivated; Spencer’s relationship with his proud parents has also been a topic of interest.

Born into a privileged household, Spencer Pratt parents played a significant role in his early exposure to the entertainment industry. His father, William Pratt, is a celebrated Hollywood actor, while his mother, Heidi Montag-Pratt, is a renowned television personality. The couple, who met at the University of Southern California, have three children: Spencer, Gunnar, and Stephanie.

Despite their impressive backgrounds, conflict and tension have plagued the family over the years. Reports of estrangement and removed family photos have raised questions about their relationship and the impact the spotlight may have on the lives of reality television stars and their families.

Early Life and Family

Parents and Siblings

Spencer Pratt, a well-known reality TV star, was born to William “Bill” Pratt and Janet Pratt. Spencer has a sister named Stephanie Pratt and a half-sister named Kristin from his mother Janet’s previous marriage. The Pratt family is known as one of the wealthiest families in America, with a background in real estate and beauty pageants.

William “Bill” Pratt met Janet, a former beauty queen who won the Miss Orange County pageant in 1992, while attending the University of Southern California together. The couple went on to have three children: Spencer, Stephanie, and half-sibling Kristin.

Childhood in Los Angeles

Spencer’s childhood was spent in the sunny city of Los Angeles, where he was exposed to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood from a young age. Growing up in such a vibrant environment likely played a part in Spencer’s controversial and outspoken personality, which would later become a part of his reality TV persona.

Being surrounded by a successful family like the Pratts, with passions in real estate and beauty pageants, likely provided Spencer with a solid foundation and support system. This upbringing may have contributed to his eventual foray into reality television and the entertainment industry.


Spencer Pratt parents, Heidi and Spencer Sr., both pursued higher education at the University of Southern California (USC). USC is a prestigious institution known for providing quality education and producing successful alumni in various fields.

Heidi, a former beauty queen who won the Miss Orange County pageant in 1992, received her degree from USC. Her background in education and her socialite status allowed her to maintain a prominent presence in the local social scene.

Spencer Sr., on the other hand, studied Political Science at USC. This academic discipline delves into the theory and practice of politics, exploring the political behaviors and systems. His education in this field provided him with a solid foundation to pursue a career in real estate development. His endeavors in the industry ultimately led to financial success and a comfortable lifestyle for the family.

Both Heidi and Spencer Sr.’s educational backgrounds at the University of Southern California have played a significant role in shaping their lives and the upbringing of their children, including Spencer and his siblings, Gunnar and Stephanie.


Debut in Reality Television

Spencer Pratt began his career in reality television on the short-lived series “The Princes of Malibu” which premiered in 2005. The show featured Brody Jenner and his brother Brandon as they navigated their lives in the affluent city of Malibu, California.

Work on ‘The Hills’

In 2006, Pratt joined the cast of MTV’s hit reality series “The Hills.” During its run, Spencer Pratt became known for his controversial and outspoken personality. It was on this show that Spencer met Heidi Montag, who later became his wife. Their relationship caused ripples on the series, resulting in the end of Montag’s friendship with fellow cast member Lauren Conrad.

Spencer and Heidi’s Celebrity Big Brother Stint

In 2013, Spencer Pratt and his wife Heidi Montag entered the UK’s “Celebrity Big Brother” house as a team, quickly becoming one of the most-talked-about pairs on the show. Their heated arguments with fellow contestants captivated audiences and they earned the nickname “Speidi” among viewers. Despite their controversial stint on the show, the couple returned for the 2017 edition of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Other Projects

Aside from his work in reality television, Spencer Pratt has dabbled in various other ventures. He has co-authored a book with his wife titled “How to be Famous” and appeared in a documentary called “Speidi: Scandal, Secrets & Surgery!” In 2019, Spencer returned to reality television with a role in “The Hills: New Beginnings”, a reboot of the original series that followed the personal and professional lives of the original cast members.

Personal Life

Marriage to Heidi Montag

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag began dating in 2007, after meeting through the American television show “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.” From their romantic beginnings, they transitioned to a highly publicized marriage documented on the reality show “The Hills.” Their relationship was often at the forefront of the show, with many voicing concerns about their whirlwind romance and wedding. Despite the critiques and controversies, the couple remains together, solidifying their bond as husband and wife.


In October 2017, Spencer and Heidi welcomed their first child, a son named Gunner Stone, into the world. Spencer has expressed a newfound appreciation for life as a father, sharing with People that becoming a parent has made him “enjoy humans more.” He particularly cherishes the innocence he observes in his son, a perspective that has brought a more tender side to the reality star’s public image.

Relationship with Stephanie Pratt

Spencer’s relationship with his sister, Stephanie Pratt, has been complex and tumultuous. Stephanie, also a reality television personality, has been open about the family’s struggles with toxic dynamics. She has described the Pratt family’s history as a series of dysfunctional incidents, often resulting in feuds and strained relationships among the siblings.

Spencer and Stephanie’s relationship has often been depicted as one marked by ongoing conflict, with the two having issues with communicating and supporting each other. Despite their mutual experiences in the reality television world, Spencer and his sister have not been able to forge a bond like the one he has with his wife. Their strained connection, overshadowed by fame and controversy, continues to be a significant aspect of Spencer’s personal life.

Controversies and Scandals

Spencer Pratt, a well-known figure in reality television, is no stranger to controversies and scandals. His rise to fame began with his role on MTV’s The Hills, where he quickly gained a reputation as a drama magnet, often clashing with other cast members and stirring up feuds.

One significant issue that has constantly made headlines is the ongoing feud between Spencer and his family, particularly his sister Stephanie Pratt. Stephanie, also a reality TV star, has had a strained relationship with her brother throughout the years. Their disagreements have played out in public, with both siblings engaging in heated exchanges on social media and in interviews.

Moreover, Spencer’s relationship with his parents, Janet and William Pratt, has also been marked by discord. Reports have surfaced about the Pratt parents removing photos of Spencer from their home, allegedly due to their frustration with his behavior. This further fuels speculation about the troubled dynamics within the Pratt family.

Spencer’s marriage to fellow reality TV star Heidi Montag has also contributed to the tension. Heidi’s family has had a complicated history with the Pratt clan, and rumors even circulated about Spencer’s parents objecting to their union. The couple’s outspoken personalities and penchant for drama often led to confrontations with other celebrities and their families.

Spencer himself has been involved in various controversies. From Snapchat rants to internet feuds, Spencer’s actions have cemented his status as one of the most polarizing figures in the world of reality television. While some may argue that these scandals add to his fame, it remains to be seen what lasting impact they have on his career and personal life.

Business Ventures

Spencer Pratt, son of successful Californian parents, has also made a name for himself as a businessman and entrepreneur. Over the years, he has been involved in several investments and projects, taking advantage of his wealth and connections to grow his personal brand and businesses.

Pratt Daddy Crystals

One of the most notable ventures of Spencer Pratt is his company, Pratt Daddy Crystals. Launched in 2017, Pratt Daddy Crystals offers a wide range of unique crystal necklaces and other crystal-based products. Spencer’s interest in crystals began during a difficult period in his life, and he has since become passionate about sharing the beauty and alleged healing properties of these natural wonders with others.

The crystal necklaces offered by Pratt Daddy Crystals come in various shapes and sizes, catering to different preferences and beliefs. Spencer personally sources the crystals from reputed mines and dealers, ensuring the quality and authenticity of each product.

In addition to necklaces, Pratt Daddy Crystals also offers:

  • Crystal spheres
  • Crystal points
  • Crystal clusters

The success of Pratt Daddy Crystals has established Spencer Pratt as a knowledgeable and successful entrepreneur in the crystal industry.

Apart from Pratt Daddy Crystals, Spencer and his wife, Heidi Montag, have also explored various investments in the fields of real estate, fashion, and reality television. Their combined net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability in different business landscapes.

Net Worth

Spencer Pratt, known for his role in the reality television series “The Hills,” has experienced fluctuating net worth throughout his career. At the height of his fame, his net worth was estimated to be around $10 million. However, due to excessive spending and a decline in popularity over the years, his fortune has dwindled significantly. Currently, his estimated net worth is believed to be around $300,000.

His parents, William “Bill” Pratt and Janet Pratt, both enjoyed successful careers as well. Bill is a real estate developer, while Janet is known for her past accomplishments as a beauty queen, winning the Miss Orange County pageant in 1992. Details regarding the net worth of Spencer’s parents are scarce, but given their professional backgrounds, it can be inferred that they have maintained a stable financial situation.

In an effort to rebuild his net worth, Spencer Pratt has ventured into various entrepreneurial enterprises, such as selling crystals and running a popular YouTube channel. While these ventures may not have returned his fortune to its former heights, they have allowed him to maintain a comfortable lifestyle with his wife, Heidi Montag, who also had a career in reality television.

In summary, Spencer Pratt’s net worth has seen a significant decline from his peak of $10 million to an estimated $300,000. Despite this setback, he continues to explore new avenues for income and remains a notable figure in the world of reality television. His parents, William and Janet Pratt, enjoy their success in their respective careers, allowing them to maintain a stable financial situation.

Public Image

Spencer Pratt, once a controversial figure in the world of reality television, has managed to reinvent himself through the use of social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. As he transitioned from his role on MTV’s The Hills, Spencer found new avenues to connect with fans and showcase his personality.

Pratt’s presence on Snapchat quickly gained traction, earning him recognition as Snapchatter of the Year at the 2017 Shorty Awards. His daily posts, encompassing a mix of humor, personal life, and celebrity encounters, attracted a large fanbase who appreciated his candid and unfiltered approach.

In addition to Snapchat, Spencer Pratt also made a significant impact on Instagram through his Instagram Stories, where he continued to share glimpses into his life. The platform allowed Spencer to not only stay relevant in the world of entertainment but also played a pivotal role in reshaping his public image.

Both Snapchat and Instagram offered Spencer Pratt the opportunity to showcase a more authentic and likeable side, a stark contrast to his earlier portrayal on reality television. By consistently engaging with his audience through these platforms, Spencer established a strong rapport with his followers, opening up new possibilities for his career and personal brand.

As Spencer continues to leverage his social media presence, he effectively maintains a level of influence and popularity that has transcended his early days in the spotlight. Through the power of Snapchat and Instagram, Spencer Pratt has successfully transformed his public image and sustained a strong connection with his audience.



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