5 Top Tips for Picking a New Dentist

Looking after your oral health is just as important as looking after your physical health and well-being. When it comes to finding the right dentist, you need to take your time to research the options available to you. Some dentists are specialists, which might be OK in certain situations, but not so useful if you have an emergency or general inquiry. So, how can you find a new dentist, and, most importantly, what key areas should you be focusing on?

1. Focus on Reputation

The reputation of a dentist’s practice is important. If the dentist has a positive reputation, then you may have to wait a while to be seen, unless, of course, you have an emergency situation. Ask friends and family about who they use and why. This, combined with reading online recommendations and reviews, will ensure that you get a dentist who has a strong reputation that has been built on positive experiences.

2. Comprehensive Care

Not all dentists offer the same services. For example, some dentists will offer veneer removal and implantation, whereas others will not. Unless you are looking for specialist care and specialist services, you should look at going for a dentist that offers a good all-round comprehensive care package. Having comprehensive care will also ensure that your insurance coverage matches the services that the dentist is offering.

3. Location, Location, Location

You do not want to be traveling long distances to get to the dentists, especially in an emergency. So, look for a dental practice that is close to you and within easy reach. For example, if you are looking for dental services in Fitzroy, Australia, you would reach out to the SV Dental Centre as they would be convenient for you and your dental needs.

4. Check Certification

When you are narrowing down your list of dentists, you need to ensure that they have all the certifications required to practice and to fulfill your medical/insurance coverage. For example, ensure that they are accredited by the Australian dental council. Spending a little bit longer checking out certifications will also give you peace of mind and reassurance, and ultimately a value cannot be put on this.

5. Personal Care

How you are treated and cared for at the dentist’s matters. If you do not feel that you are getting personal care, then your experience will not be as you anticipated, and you may even be slightly hesitant to return in the future. Good personal care can impact your whole experience and view of a dentist. So, ensure that they are giving you the care that you need and deserve.

Do not rush the process of finding a new dentist, instead take your time, and be prepared to ask questions. Ensure that you are happy that those on your shortlist are trustworthy, clear, and open at all times. If you have any concerns or any issues, do not be afraid to raise these with potential dentist surgeries or centers. Many will be more than happy to talk you through your questions and reassure you.



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