How can small fashion brands get followers on Instagram?

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If you are a smaller brand and want to stay ahead from the rest then there are some ways that you need to follow. But how people can get noticed, how do you promote your brand and get followers on Instagram? We are happy that you asked. Here are some tips that will alleviate your struggle and give you the desired results. Read on!

Post content:

  • Perfect your pictures
  • Focus on engaging your audience
  • Go behind the scenes on Instagram Stories
  • Your pictures must visually fit into your theme

Perfect your pictures:

Instagram is all about the beautiful and alluring photos. Even you are not a fashion brand, people want to see high-quality images in your feed. But how do you create quality images for Instagram posts? The quality photo can be defined as a photo with high resolution, match with your theme and tell a story. Try posting perfect photos because nobody wants to see blurry and pointless photos.

Focus on engaging your audience

If you are have shared high-quality content on Instagram and utilized the right hashtags with your posts, the next step is to engage with your audience that has the same interests. Find them and like their posts and leave thoughtful comments on their pictures. Share the user-generated content by asking for permission to repost. You can also tag or mention your loyal followers and target audience to give them a shoutout and show your love and appreciation for them. You can build a community by engaging them in order to get followers on Instagram. It is a great way to create a trust which will encourage the loyalty to your brand.

Go behind the scenes on Instagram Stories

However, your Instagram feed should struggle for precision but don’t afraid to show your real side to your followers. You can tell your story to your audience on your Instagram stories and highlight it as well. The benefits are that it will last after 24 hours. You can share your story without editing (you can ignore the visual aspects of the story). Instead, focus on sharing unique stories and experiences from BTS (behind the scenes).

Your pictures must visually fit into your theme

Have you notice that every brick and mortar store has its own style, own setting and own atmosphere. Although, every piece found on the hanger in different corners everything is fit together. Your feed should work exactly the same way as your fashion store. Like every outfit, your pictures might be different pieces but the entire feed must look like an outfit. It means all of your photos should be edited in the same way and have great look. If you are using a mobile phone for taking photos then use VSCO, Snapseed and A Color Story. While for editing your pics on your desktop, use Photoshop and Lightroom. The above tips will boost your post engagement and help you to get followers on Instagram.


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