5 Ways To Spend Time On A Long-Haul Flight

Long haul-flights—some people enjoy them, while others loathe at the mere thought of spending long hours sitting on the flight.

Such flights can be tougher, especially if you have a fear of flying. So, if you are already jittery, educate yourself via an online fear of flying course to beat the anxieties to a large extent.

Whether it’s a business trip or a romantic holiday, do not let the thought of long-haul flight spoil your mood. Here are 5 tricks to make the time pass quicker:

1. Reading Books

Relax on your flight seat, put on noise-cancelling headphones, and read your favourite book.

Whether it’s a novel, business magazines, or a newspaper, e-readers allow you to carry a whole library on your long trip.

Don’t have tech gadgets? No problem, pre-download any e-reader app like kindle on your phone or tablet.

2. Listen to music or podcast

Want to keep yourself entertained without looking at your seat monitor? Grab a pair of headphones and listen to your favourite music.

This will also help to cut down any unwanted noises around and will help you fall asleep quickly.

Some of the highly recommend podcasts 2020 include

  • Dead Eyes
  • Floodline
  • Julie’s Library
  • Oh, Hello: The P’dcast
  • Rabbit Hole

Make the most of your time listening to some of these popular podcasts from different genres.

3. Binge-watch movies or TV shows

Binge-watching is always a go-to choice, especially if traveling on long international flights.

With popular sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, there is no dearth of options to watch web series and movies from around the world.

Just make sure to load your tablet or laptop with interesting movies or web-series in advance for offline viewing for hours.

4. Catch up on pending work

Long-haul flights are perfect if you have tons of pending jobs.  Check emails, complete the PPT, make a plan for home renovation or anything else.

Those uninterrupted hours can compensate for the lack of time you had at work.

5. Write travel journal

Long-haul flights offer an opportune time to get creative and put down your thoughts on the journey.

Use this spare time to jot down anything interesting like some fantastic people you met during the trip or the food you have tasted during your last vacation in Mediterrean. There are countless things you can consider for journaling during the flight.

Time is precious so count your every blessing and put that in writing in your journal.

A bonus tip: catch some sound sleep

If everything else fails, catch up on some sound sleep for hours.

Wear an eye mask, get a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, play soft music, wrap yourself up in a blanket, and doze off to your dreamland.

In the end…

Long hour flights are not as boring as many people think of. Time flies when you’re occupied in things that matter.

To keep boredom and restlessness at bay, follow these tips and enjoy your long-haul flight easily.

Have a safe journey!



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