Why Big Bike Touring is So Popular in the UK

If you live in the UK, you will no doubt have noticed that around the time of May, there are suddenly a lot more motorcycles on the road, which is due to the large number of ‘fair weather’ riders; those who store their bike over the winter and bring it out in the summer months. In this article, we will examine some of the reasons why big bike touring is so popular.

Freedom & Independence

Rather than the typical package tour holiday, where everything runs to a schedule, touring on a big bike puts you firmly in control; you can go where you wish and stay for as long as you feel like it. With all your camping gear loaded up, you and your trustee big bike can head off into the sunrise and explore the stunning British countryside. Of course, you can have a plan (the Internet can help with that), but should you wish to deviate, there’s nothing to stop you changing your schedule. If you would like to view the best big touring bikes, Wheels Motorcycles have you covered; all the major manufacturers are represented, plus they offer low-interest finance to spread the payment over a few years.

Cost-Effective Holidays

We all know how expensive holidays can be and touring on two wheels is a lot cheaper than in the car and if you throw camping into the mix, you can scratch off accommodation costs, which takes a lot of your holiday cash. Camping has enjoyed a massive revival among the British people; the many camping sites are a reflection of this and they have all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. Of course, things can easily go wrong on holiday, which can change our plans without warning.

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Thrill & Excitement

There’s little that can beat opening up a 650cc touring bike on an open road, feeling that raw power between your legs and with everything you need packed away in your panniers, you are ready for a summer adventure exploring the stunning natural beauty that can be found in the United Kingdom.

UK Bike Licence Requirements

If you have a full car driving licence, this only allows you to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc engine capacity, so you will have to apply for the A1 licence, then upgrade to the A2 and finally, take the tests to obtain that coveted category A licence that allows you to ride any bike. When ready to acquire your first motorcycle, search with Google and you can view a wide range of bikes and when you make your choice, you can book a test ride at the dealership.

Summertime Riding

Sadly, bike riding is not so much fun outside of summer months and aside from a hardy few, riders store their bike from September until the following April, when they start riding again. Even in the summer, rain is always just around the corner, so you will need a lightweight wet-weather suit that can be put on in an instant and will keep you dry.

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You can enjoy the unique experience of big bike touring like the thousands of regular big bike riders, which gives those long weekends a new meaning.



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