Why building a strong line of communication is essential for a maintaining a healthy relationship

With technology at its peak, the 21st century seems to have become a minefield of jealousy and anxiety for most individuals. Many couples face the difficulties of not feeling good enough for their partners and wondering if they were destined for different things, based on what they see through the lens of social media. They begin to question everything that they have worked so hard to foster together. According to Steffo Shambo, founder of Tantric Academy of Sacred Sexuality, sex & relationship coach and tantric practitioner, in order for a couple to maintain a healthy relationship, they must build a strong line of communication with each other.

Being able to communicate well with one another helps establish honesty between you and your partner. This creates a solid foundation for the two of you to continue building your relationship. Without honest communication, you may find yourself confused about your partner’s intentions or arguing over small misunderstandings. This is not to say that you and your partner must agree on everything that life throws your way – conflict is not always your enemy when building a strong bond. Of course, there will be times when you will have differing opinions to your partner, but it is important at that time that you are able to see each other’s point of view and be honest with each other about what is important to you as individuals. Keeping your values and expectations to yourself will only create a divide between you and your significant other in the long run.

Due to our nature as social beings, we humans have the ability to show our emotions in many forms such as through our actions, our facial expressions or even through the things we say. On top of having open communication between you and your significant other, it is also important to understand the ways that you express yourselves and how different situations make each of you feel. Don’t hesitate to ask one another if you are unsure – it’s questions like this that allow you to understand each other more, grow together and sift through nitty-gritty aspects that could result in conflicts. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you should feel comfortable enough to share this with your partner, knowing that they will be able to support you.

To build honest and open communication, you must be able to show your vulnerable side. Putting up a false bravado in front of your partner and not being your true self will cause them to question your authenticity later down the line which will threaten to break the foundation you built together. You can show vulnerability by telling them your deepest fears or be open with them about your true desires in the bedroom. However you decide to go about it, being vulnerable will reassure your partner that you trust them and will create a safe environment for the two of you. Sharing a new experience could bring a different level of pleasure and orgasmic energy to the bond between you and your partner, which will lead to a stronger relationship overall.

It is important to note that although communication is about honesty and sharing your beliefs, values and experiences with one another, this should not be mistaken as a means to control one another. The reason most couples come together as one in the first place is because of the connection they felt with each other that they couldn’t overlook, and communicating effectively will only encourage that bond to deepen. If you find yourself unable to speak openly about something that happened, take a minute to ask yourself why that is – what exactly makes you uncomfortable to share this particular incident or feeling with your partner? As uncomfortable as it may feel to question yourself or doubt your partner’s trust, introspecting may help you make sense of what needs to be done for things to change and you can raise those points in a safe space with your partner.

At the end of the day, a healthy relationship does not magically blossom overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort from both sides in order to nurture an environment where each individual feels comfortable and secure. But the bond that you will foster in the process is sure to be immaculate.



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