Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2020

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Dads sometimes get the backseat when it comes to gifts. Another tie. Another dad hat. A “number 1 Dad” mug. But let’s face it, they deserve better. They are always there for you, from your first broken bone, to your first date, to your first beer. They either come with a bad joke or some words of wisdom, but they are there, so they deserve a thoughtful gift from the heart when it comes to Father’s Day.


  • He claims he has it all


    • He doesn’t need anything, he says, but that’s just a farce. He doesn’t want you to spend your hard-earned cash. Well, that’s not his decision. For the dad who “has it all,” why not add to his collection? Get him a coffee subscription if he is a bean aficionado or add him to a monthly beer club. Then at least, if he really doesn’t want it, you can give him the satisfaction of canceling it, or he can be excited every month for something other than Miller Lite and Dunkin.


  • Show off his skills in the kitchen


    • Dads love to make breakfast or grill for dinner. It seems like something all dads have in common and there just isn’t a way around it. So why not get him something to show off his culinary excellence? You may not be able to splurge for a new grill, but you can get him a breakfast sandwich maker to enhance his breakfast-making skills. You can even score a discount with a Walmart promo code to make the deal even sweeter.


  • Show him his traits


    • Help him dive into his family’s history with a DNA test. He will probably “dad” it up and go to the library to learn even more once that door is open, but it’ll be something you guys can do together to learn more about your heritage.


  • Forever a kid


    • Dads are just big kids at heart. There is nothing more a dad loves than when his kids ask him to help put together something that has directions, but doesn’t necessarily require them. LEGOs are the best creation for dads because there are no consequences if they turn out wrong, just more hours of fun. You can get him any set that describes him, from Star Wars, to Game of Thrones, to The Office, to even a ship in a bottle. He will proudly display the finished product and loved the time spent putting it together with his kid.

These are just some suggestions for Father’s Day gifts this year, but really, when it comes down to it, your dad will be happy with the thought of spending any time with you and your family that doesn’t involve yelling to get homework done or giving a lecture about dating and drinking. He would just love a day outside in his yard with his kids.

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