How to Have a Virtual Party

The celebrations this last year have certainly looked and felt a lot different. However, you do not have to let the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic keep you from celebrating the season with your friends, family, and co-workers. Regardless of what type of party you are planning, you can still make a virtual celebration festive and fun with the right approach.

Here are five great ideas to help you to get started planning a virtual party in the age of COVID-19.

Make the Invite Memorable:

In order to set the right tone for this party, you need to go all out with the invite. A standard email invite will not do much to inspire people to accept the invitation and put the party on their calendar.

Instead, consider making formal invites that arrive in the mail. This will set the stage that you are taking this party seriously and that it will be more than just a ho-hum virtual gathering. To elevate this idea even further, you can send a special gift along with the invitation. For example, an invite that doubles as a Christmas tree ornament will send the message that this is going to be a special event.

Set the Mood:

Just because you are meeting online, it does not mean that you cannot create a festive mood. Prior to the party, send every guest a box of decor for the event. You can encourage them to decorate their background in order to create a festive atmosphere for everyone in attendance to see.

You might even consider turning this into a contest. Photo props also work great in this situation. For example, perhaps you want to send everyone matching Santa Claus hats or reindeer ears.

Another fun idea would be to create a themed music playlist specifically for this event. You can then share it with your guests ahead of the party. They can use it to get in the mood for the celebration or even have it playing in the background during the virtual gathering.

Host a Contest:

You will keep your party attendees engaged if you host a contest as part of the celebration. Be sure to lean into the spirit of the season when planning your contest. Costume contests always translate well to a video format. Encourage everyone to wear their ugly Christmas sweater and all of the attendees can vote on the winner.

Another popular idea is to host a virtual talent show. Let your guests show off their chops and get loads of laughs along the way. Be sure that you have prizes ready to deliver to the winners of your contests. Electronic gift cards work great in this situation because you can send them out right away.

Send Food and Drink for the Occasion:

Along with the decor to set the mood, you should also send some food and drink to enjoy during the event. What a surprise it will be for your party attendees to receive a surprise basket of goodies to indulge in during the online celebration.

Hickory Farms makes fabulous wine gift baskets that are perfect for this type of gathering. Each basket pairs premium wine with all of your classic snacks and treats. Together, all of these items deliver the best so your guests feel loved and appreciated.

Plan Some Games:

Every good party needs some entertainment. It can be difficult for an online gathering to flow well without some type of structure. Planning some games and activities will give all of the attendees something to focus on as they spend time together.

Recognizing the need for entertainment, many video conferencing services now have games integrated into their platforms. This makes it easy to select from a variety of entertainment options during your party. Perhaps you want to organize a game of trivia? Or maybe you want to get everyone up and moving with a rowdy game of Charades? The possibilities are endless.

Spread some good cheer by taking the time and effort to make this virtual party one to remember. You will certainly never forget this unique time of your life.



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