Winter Is Coming: 9 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Snowfall

Winter is the season of Christmas holidays, hot chocolate, staying indoors wrapped under a blanket, and sitting by the fireplace. With no noise from the machinery of your cooling equipment, all you hear are the sounds of the clock ticking, owls hooting, and the leaves rustling along the gravel. It is nothing short of magical! And if you live in a city where it snows, it’ll add even more charm.

However, this time can be full of worries, primarily if your house is not maintained well. Snowfall looks pretty, but it can damage your home if it does not meet specific maintenance requirements for the season. Imagine a roof covered with snow- a pretty sight. But if the top is weak, it’ll all come crashing down because of the weight. So, to avoid such tragedies, listed below is a comprehensive set of things that you must get done to ensure your house is ready for winter. Let’s begin

Get the heating system ready

If you don’t want to freeze to death, ensure your heating system works properly before winter kicks in full swing. So, run some checks beforehand. If it doesn’t seem to provide enough warmth, call in a contractor to look at it. You could ask for references or contact a professional agency that provides home maintenance contractors and handypersons, such as Networx leads. Do a thorough check before the service person leaves to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Paint protection

Most houses are made out of weather-protected wood. But the wooden trims outside the home are pretty thin, which makes them susceptible to damage due to snowfall. You could consider replacing them with a thicker, better wooden trim, but that might exceed your budget. Hence, a more sustainable solution is to brush on some weather-protection paint to prevent damage.

Concrete protection

Cracks in your driveways and asphalt are prone to damage during winter. When the snow melts into the cracks and freezes, it exerts more pressure on the sides, gradually widening them and increasing the damage. Not to mention, they look pretty ugly post-winter. Therefore, inspect your driveway before winter and fix any existing cracks by applying sealants before it starts to snow. It’s preventative maintenance and will save a lot of costs and headaches in the future. 

Clean the drains

If you do not clean your drains regularly, you’re practically inviting a disaster that will wreck your home and burn a hole through your wallet. Hence, do the needful before the cold makes you lazy. If there are any clogs in your pipes, have them fixed urgently! A blocked drainage system will sustain a lot of damage during winter, with a high chance of pipes exploding because of eater freezing inside them. So, clean your pipes and drains to avoid a messy situation that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Roof maintenance

The pressure of snow on the roof can be very harmful and can aggravate existing cracks. Not to mention, when it melts, you’ll have a leaking mess in your home. So, if you want to avoid that and the entire thing collapsing on you, get your home’s roof inspected during fall and have it repair accordingly. Ensure to seal the cracks since they’ll render your heating system’s efforts entirely useless when the cold wind blows. If ice dams form during winter, using rakes to remove the snow from the top to reduce the risk of any potential damage due to breakage or leaks.

Chimney and fireplace maintenance

The picture-perfect winter holiday isn’t complete without a cup of cocoa beside the fireplace with your family. Therefore, having the fireplace inspected and fixed should also be on your list. Clean the chimney to prevent smoke and harmful gases from accumulating inside the house and making it insufferable to breathe. Ensure there is a proper channel for the smoke to exit. 

Fix the smoke detectors

As cozy as heaters and fireplaces might be, there can be severe consequences for operating them in closed environments. There can be chances of improper smoke clearage. There is also a high chance of carbon monoxide accumulating inside your house. Carbon monoxide is deadly; therefore, ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working conditions when winter arrives. Not only will the sensors alert you in case of danger, but they can also alert you for any signs of blockage in your chimney. Have a checklist ready to get regular maintenance done on your devices.

Unwanted guests

With snowfall, it tends to grow cold for your wild furry companions (squirrels, birds, etc.), too, and if there is any entry to your garage or attic, they tend to take refuge there. This poses a threat to your interior and has some potential health concerns. Therefore, seal all possible entry points while running regular maintenance work done.

Be ready for blizzards and snowstorms

If you live in an area that receives a relatively large amount of snowfall, it would be a wise move to stock up on essential items. There is no telling how long a snowstorm can last and how long you’ll be stuck indoors. So, stock up on basic food items, drinks, and toiletries In advance. In extreme cases, there are also chances of power outages due to damage to power cables. Ensure your home’s electrical wiring is in order. You can also consider investing in a backup power system if you know things get pretty bad.


Like every season, winter also has a lot of charm to its name. However, if you do not prepare your home, the magic can turn into a cold, cruel disaster in no time. Therefore, consider speeding up home maintenance before the season starts. This article mentioned a few tips to consider, including getting the heating fixed, cleaning drains, repairing the roof, cleaning the chimney, ensuring the smoke detectors are functional, etc. By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a cozy, trouble-free winter.



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