Toilets for Event Organisers – Fixed Toilets versus Portable Toilets

We all attend events to enjoy ourselves, whether it be a music concert, a family wedding, or a sporting occasion. Sometimes they are indoor venues, but they can also be held on fields where naturally toilets do not exist. This is when it becomes important for event organisers to consider toileting arrangements for all those attending, and indeed those serving at the event. When an event is large, extra temporary toilets are necessary to serve the needs of every guests or patron. Help is at hand because companies such as letloos will provide this service. No event organisers would want to be caught short not providing enough. One, they may not be asked to organise that event again, and two, the adverse publicity would not bear thinking about.

Fixed Toilets at Venues

Toilets at venues should, in theory, be sufficient for the number of guests using them. However, it is only practical to fit so many within a building, so invariably there will never be enough. In addition, events will spread out into the venue’s gardens or an accompanying field, so will result in more persons attending than the indoor venue would normally cater for. This is when the need for extra toilets enters the equation.

Portable Toilets or Portaloos

To define portaloo, as some portable toilets are termed, it does not just relate to the toilet itself, it is a portable building that contains a toilet. By portable, it is something that can be moved around to where it is required and then used as a temporary solution. It is all about increasing the number of toilets at an event. It works by, like with a conventional toilet, flushing and carrying away waste. However, instead of this waste being transported to a sewer, it is carried as far as a holding tank which contains chemicals that break down the solid waste. The chemicals will kill any germs and destroy the kinds of smells associated with waste matter.

In terms of their position, although a fixed toilet may be easier to find, although not if you have never visited the venue before, a temporary toilet can be brought nearer to its user. It can be unisex. Their versatility allows for an event to not have to be planned around their use.

For more information on the temporary toilet, click here. It is an invention that has transformed eventing and allowed for ever bigger events where lots of people are in attendance. They expand an event outside of its actual venue in terms of facilities.


In terms of the number of portable toilets required, it comes recommended that a toilet is hired for every 425 men compared to 100 women, but that additional urinal units should be installed for every 125 men. So, if just using toilets, the ratio for men would need to be increased in relation to toilets hired. The advantage of portable toilets is that they can be placed anywhere in a field, and practically put in a row so that everyone knows where they are. The last thing that any event organiser would want to be told is that there are simply not enough toilets. It will be an embarrassing statement to here and seem such a basic error to have made.

So, considering the above, it is a case of deciding how many toilets a venue already has and then adding the required number of temporary ones. Bearing in mind, though, that many guests, or audience members, will not want to keep going back inside a venue’s main building once they are outside. Attendees to an event will soon see the convenience of the toilets being close to hand and, at the same time, appreciate how discretely you have placed them in relation to their convenience. Many events will undoubtedly be occasions that involve drinking and, as such, invariably this will make the toilet an important inclusion when assessing numbers attending.



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