What Equipment Is Around To Support People With Limited Mobility?

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As people get older, this can sometimes affect their ability to walk and move around which is clearly frustrating for the individual.  These people sometimes rely heavily on the help of their friends and family in order to help support them in moving from place to place.  Even in their own house, this can have a dramatic effect and stop people from moving up and down stairways or even have a bath! 

Technology has come a long way in this area and there are many different things that are now out in the market in order to support people in this situation. Without spending bucketloads of money, there are simple things that can be completed on this front to help ease the pain and suffering, one of these individuals may be going through.

Stair Lifts

One of the things that people could purchase that help move through different floors in a home is a stair lift. These stair lifts are available for all types of stairways, no matter how big or small.  There is a false perception that these are expensive pieces of equipment but if you go to companies such as Arrow Lift, you will quickly see that that is not the case. As their site mentions, the prices range from $2.5k to $5.5k so depending on your needs, you could find one on the lower end of the scale. This company will take care of measurements, installation and even if something goes wrong after installation, they are on hand to offer the correct level of support and protection.


Wheelchairs have progressed in terms of technology significantly over the past few years.  First, we had the conventional wheelchair that required the person to push the wheels themselves (or have someone push them).  Then we had the wheelchairs that were electric and allowed the user to move around at ease with the touch of a button.  Now we have wheelchairs that are electric but also the seat moves upwards and downwards to support a person getting in and out or even moving from the wheelchair to another stationary chair or bed.  This sort of chair is clearly a great help to those with limited mobility.

Bath Aids

For those affected people that have a bath in their household, it can be very difficult to get in and out if you have limited mobility.  Therefore, bath aids that help people get in and out much easier are a relief.  These mini lifts allow the person to sit on a seat and then it will lift, move over to the bath and then place the person in it.  It will do the reverse in order to get the person out.


This is just an example of a few pieces of equipment that is around for people that have mobility issues and there is a lot more around.  The chair lifts, wheelchairs and bath aids are probably the most common purchase.

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