Things To Do With Your Boyfriend – 68 Ideas For a Perfect Date

When you watch a romantic movie, you might think, that is how things are in the real world. Well, surprise, they might not always replicate the ideal duo. However, it can be quite an adventure if you include fun couple activities, romantic date nights, crazy things to do with your boyfriend or indulge in some meaningful bonding.

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. It is just how things are. And when the initial euphoria sets in, you start looking for stimulating activities you two can do together. It is at this point that physical attraction takes a backseat, and unless you find emotional compatibility, the relationship might run out of its course.

This is where the ultimate coupes bucket list, or things to do with your boyfriend, comes into play. Relationships should be filled with experiences, crazy, romantic, and even some emotional.

With that in mind, here are a couple of ideas of what things to do with your boyfriend you can try.

  • Have a tech-free date day together. Leave your phones at home, and enjoy your own company. It is a great change considering how addicted we are to tech
  • Plan your future, and see what the two of you want from each other and the relationship
  • Cook dinner together, and then arrange the table with some scented candles for a romantic date at home
  • Rent a romantic movie, and watch it together
  • Go to the beach, and watch the sunset
  • Take a hot shower on a rainy day, it is an invigorating experience
  • Take a walk by the sea or any trekking path in your city on a full-moon night
  • Buy each other random gifts for no reason at all. Giving is always fun and rewarding. Just remember, the price is not important
  • Take a chocolate bar, and start eating from opposite ends without using your hands. Think of the scene of the Lady and the Tramp, but with chocolate
  • Try some new moves under the sheets
  • Go roller skating or ice-skating for some adrenaline rush. Every couple needs some energetic and adrenaline date every now and then
  • Movie marathon sounds great, just pick a genre, get some movies, and enjoy all day long
  • Play hide and seek in nature, you can try the woods for this adventure
  • Go on a very long walk around the neighborhood at night
  • Get a couples massage for some relaxing date
  • Go on a double date either with your friends, or his friends. Or you can even try a double date with some people you do not know much. You never know how fun it can be
  • Write a poem for your boyfriend and express your love in written words
  • Try to write a short story together. The trick is you have to complete each other’s sentences. Challenge Accepted!
  • Write 10 reasons why you love each other, and then post it
  • Walk the dog, or any pet you have
  • Take a stroll in the park, just holding hands and enjoying the warm weather. Words are unnecessary. As Depeche Mode sang, “Enjoy the silence”
  • Gaze at the stars at night, lying next to each other in a secluded spot
  • Pack sandwiches, and go for a short day trip
  • If there is a beach nearby, visit it, and make sand castles
  • Visit an art gallery to see some amazing pieces
  • Attend a music concert of someone you never heard of
  • Draw a self-portrait of each other
  • Go to estate sales, who knows, you might pick up your next living space
  • Get a spa night together and spoil yourself with bubble baths, body scrubs, exfoliating face scrubs, foot massages, and so on
  • Try ping-pong, or any other little known and less popular sport
  • Go bowling, where you can find fun things like loud music and people competing. Make it more competitive, the loser cooks dinner
  • Try a sexy game of twister for some kinky activity
  • Visit your hometown, and play a tourist guide for your partner
  • A midnight bike ride is a nice change from walking. Try it
  • Find the best happy hour in town and make appetizers your meal
  • Try to build something together, be it Lego, or IKEA furniture
  • Wash the car together
  • Set up a tent in a camping site and spend one night outdoors
  • Play some prank calls to your common friends
  • Chat with each other on social media, and act like you are complete strangers. In other words, see how it will be to meet again for the first time
  • Take funny photographs of each other
  • Spend a day at an amusement park
  • Take a workout class together
  • Take advantage of coupon sites and get great deals for things you normally wouldn’t do
  • Create a couples scrapbook
  • Invite some friends for a board game night
  • Go to an antique store and see what old objects look like
  • Fly kites outside
  • Schedule a test drive with an expensive car and indulge in some luxury
  • Go for a beer tour and try some beers you haven’t tasted before
  • Come up with pet names for each other, and try to be as original as you can
  • Go to a local bar and sing a karaoke duet. Or you can do it at home
  • Volunteer together and contribute to the society
  • Make a new recipe together, including some ingredients you haven’t used
  • Play strip poker if you want to get kinky
  • Find a free or extremely cheap class and take it together. It is always nice to try some new experiences
  • Go for an ice cream date like in the movies
  • Go to local high-school or college games to root for your sports team. Or find cheap sporting event tickets. Cheering helps you get rid of negative energy
  • Go to the animal shelter and pet the animals. It might be hard to resist not to take one home
  • Dress up for couples costume for Halloween
  • Dress up for a couple night out, and pick up a theme you like. For example, 90s vibe, or the Great Gatsby for a more glamour date
  • Start a new tradition together, it can be anything you think of in the moment
  • Take photos of each other for your social media account. Spend an entire afternoon photographing each other
  • Go through old yearbooks to reminiscence about the past and tell your partner about your high-school days
  • Kiss on top of a Ferris Wheel for one of the most romantic kisses
  • Go to the theater to get your cultural juices running
  • Watch the sunset and the sunrise in one day



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