What Do Students Want From Accommodation?

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If you’re due to start a university degree this year, then you’re probably already aware that there are many factors that come into the decision of which student accommodation to go with. Student accommodation is going to be your home for the next three years – whether you decide to stay in the same halls that you started your first year in or move out into a student house with your friends for second and third year – so it’s no surprise that most students are looking for a comfortable, home-from-home experience rather than simply somewhere to rest their head. Here are some of the main things that modern students are looking for in accommodation today.

A Double Bed:

There was a time where a single bed would have sufficed for most students, but today, but most students today are looking for a double bed. Your student room is going to be more than just a space to rest your head – for most students, it’s a study area, somewhere to binge-watch Netflix shows, and somewhere to gossip with friends during a sleepover. One great example of this can be seen with the Glasgow student accommodation options offered by Collegiate, which features double en-suite rooms at no extra charge and a range of other amenities such as an on-site gym, cinema and study spaces. Collegiate have options throughout the country for you to consider.


Many students used to be content with using their laptop to watch their favourite TV shows, but these days, more and more students are looking for a TV in their accommodation – if not in their own room then certainly in any communal areas like the kitchen and living room. A TV becomes so much more than just something to catch up on Netflix with – it can be used for playing video games and other entertainment, helping students feel more at home and bond with their flatmates.

High-Speed Wi-Fi:

With students bringing more devices than ever before to university with them, high-speed Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury these days – it’s a must. Every student accommodation has to be connected to the internet, and the connection has to be fast enough to withstand several students all using at least one device at the same time.

Welcoming Communal Spaces:

For most students, moving into student halls will be their first time living away from home so many are looking for comfortable communal spaces like a large kitchen and dining area, mini games room or cinema area where they are able to socialise and get to know their fellow students.

Comfortable Furniture:

Finally, more and more students are prioritising comfort over convenience when it comes to choosing student accommodation and the look and feel of a room can easily make or break the decision process. Comfy sofas and beds, and inviting soft furnishings can all make a student flat or room more appealing.

Today’s university students aren’t just looking for a basic place to stay while they complete their studies – comfort, convenience, and technology all make up a huge part of the decision to stay in one accommodation type over another.

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