Renovating Your Home: How to Make the Most of Your Budget

When planning a renovation of your home, it is important to ensure that you do not end up in any sort of financial trouble. Whether you are simply redoing your kitchen, or are planning a complete renovation of your home, making certain that you stick to your budget as much as possible is vitally important. It is no secret that big items in your home can be costly. Fear not though, homebodies! We have collated a helpful list of tips and tricks to consider when planning a renovation of your home, which will enable you to make the most of your budget.

Color Schemes

This may seem obvious but considering the color schemes of each room can sometimes be a long and laborious decision. What colors will complement the shape of the room the most? Do you choose a color which is neutral, or something which will pop out and gather people’s attention? Furthermore, are you going to have a feature wall, or simply use one color in the whole room? These are all things to consider when renovating your home. While paint is not the most expensive thing you will be purchasing when renovating your home, the more paint that you purchase, naturally, the higher your costs will be. If you are wanting to keep your budget low or wanting to save some money on this type of thing so you can spend money in other areas of your home, restrict the number of feature walls that you are using in your home. Using a neutral color throughout which can be complemented with decorations and furniture is a great way of keeping costs low.

Window Frames

Not the most exciting thing to consider when renovating your home, but an important aspect of any home; you don’t want a building with no windows! Window frames help to bring together the exterior of your home and can really ‘frame’ the face of your property in a great way. Whether you are looking for bolder frames, or some which will complement the color and material of your home, there are plenty of choices out there. So, which do you choose? One thing to consider is how cost-effective the material used is, as this will ensure that in the long-term your costs are kept down. On the back of that, deciding if you are getting double- or triple-glazed windows is also an important decision. Most people know that having either of these options in your home helps to trap heat and keep your gas and electric bills down. Residential frames are a cheaper variation of aluminum frames for properties, and a great choice to consider when evaluating this option for your home.

Tiles for Bathroom or Kitchen

When considering the wider design options for your bathroom or kitchen, the tiles are a noteworthy component of any home. Different design and shaped tiles can help to bring uniquely shaped rooms to life! Are you going to choose a quirky style or color for the tiles? The tiles themselves are the cheaper component of this point to remember. If you have chosen uniquely shaped tiles which are a bit awkward to apply, consider the notion that this will be time-consuming for the plasterer or handyman who is applying them for you. While most workers charge by the hour, this could rack up some extra costs by taking up a lot of time. Furthermore, some tiles will naturally have to be cut to fit into certain nooks and crannies, which will create further costs by having to purchase more tiles. If you are concerned about creating these extra costs, consider using an online renovation planning service like that of Beattie Development. This will allow you to plan how many tiles you will need for your kitchen or bathroom, so you don’t under- or over-order. For more information about this planning service, or to give it a try yourself, check this website. Planning ahead by using services such as these can save you overspending on resources, further ensuring you keep to your budget.


A vital component of each and every room in your home, this will take some careful planning; what atmosphere do you want to create in each room? Similar to when planning your choice of tiles and color schemes, the position of your lighting fixtures will change how a room comes together. When wanting to make the most of your budget, you will want to consider the charges that can be accrued when using the facilities that an electrician provides. Like the plasterers, tilers and more, electricians will generally charge for labor and installation, but there is a slight twist to this. Rather than charging by the hour, electricians will charge by how many fittings there are to be installed. Therefore, considering how many fittings you are using will allow you to make sure the costs here do not get too high. Strategic planning about where to put the fittings in a room – to have as big an impact as possible – will result in not needing as many fittings installed. Let’s not forget, that while the installation fees can be rather large, the cost of the fittings themselves can also knock up some dollars.


Ceiling heights are an aspect of home renovations that not many people consider, especially if you are not making one from scratch. Having high ceilings in your home can give the appearance and illusion of elegance, but with a fraction of the price. While high ceilings can change the appearance of a room, they can also come with high costs. If you are wanting to have a high ceiling in your home, consider compromising by having a high ceiling in one room of your home, and standard height in the rest of the property. While the installation of the high ceiling itself isn’t costly in comparison to other jobs in the house, the resources that are used can rack up a big bill. Contemplate which room you would like to make a dramatic effect on and install the high ceiling there. Decorate with an accent wall and neutral tones throughout, and you have a room perfect for relaxing and hosting.

Fabulous Flooring

You can’t complete a room without the flooring! While some people enjoy using carpet in their homes, it can be less cost-effective in the long run, especially as it gathers dirt and grime over the years. For a sleek finish in any room, consider the use of wooden- or laminate-flooring. These are easy-to-clean options, so great for those with young children and pets. Oak flooring is a great choice for wanting to save some dollars; this is a common choice among many homeowners and one that is readily available. You won’t be paying any extra costs just to access the flooring. One thing that must be considered here, is if you are going to hire the services of someone to fit the flooring for you. Most will charge for each square meter, so this can be costly if you have larger rooms to cover. If you are in the search of a flooring which gives the illusion of high value, but at a low cost, consider using engineered wood. These are cheaper options as they have a layer of timber on top of a cheaper alternative. Great for wanting to do up your flooring to a high-standard while on a budget.



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