What Causes Ice Pick Scars And How To Treat Them

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They may look like they are caused by a long, skinny instrument pierced into your skin, but in reality ice pick scars are caused by acne. If you are afflicted with these small marks marring your otherwise lovely skin, keep reading to find out how to treat ice pick scars.

Ice pick scars are more common than you think. In fact, if you look closely at literally anyone walking down the street, you will see ice pick marks left by acne. While many people try to hide them behind layers of foundation, at the end of the day the Best Plastic Surgeons in Dubai can help you. The small procedures done by plastic surgeons can help you treat ice pick scars effectively.

Where do Ice Pick Scars Come From?

You might be wondering where these unsightly blemishes come from. The answer is simple, they are the result of a severe case of acne, such that it has small cysts and papiles breaking out on your skin. If you currently have acne, the best way to stop any ice pick scars from forming is to get to them before they have a chance to take root. This may mean keeping your skin clean and your pores clear of any oil that may threaten to get them clogged up. Many treatments for acne, both home remedies and prescription treatments, can help your quality of life now and by protecting you against ice pick scars forming on your skin.

What if I already Have Them?

If ice pick scars have already formed on your skin, the best thing to do is take care of your skin and prevent it from getting worse or to prevent new ones from forming. The good news is that, over time, the collagen in the skin around your scars can start to plump up, filling in the divot or hollow left behind. Many women find that a paste made of banana and milk is good for boosting the collagen growth in their skin. If you have any redness or inflammation around these scars, you may wish to look into CBD from somewhere like Blessed CBD, as this can really help to reduce these problems, as well as helping to support your overall wellbeing. Of course you will want to speak to a dermatologist before you embark on any sort of treatment to reduce the appearance of ice pick scars.

Is There a Professional Service?

If you have tried everything how to treat ice pick scars, but you still cannot reduce their appearance, you may need to seek professional help. There are many professional skin techniques and procedures that can increase the collagen growth in the skin and provide an evening to the color that can reduce the appearance of ice pick scars. You can book many of these appointments as outpatient procedures, done in the comfort and safety of your dermatologist’s office. Such procedures include laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion and microneedling. A few of them offer you some discomfort, but in all cases your safety is put at a premium.

There are times when, without professional assistance, there is no way for you to get relief from such ice pick scars. Especially in situations where extreme acne persists for many years, there can be scaring that has no remedy but some form of cosmetic surgery. Hopefully, this isn’t the case with you, but if you’ve tried many things and there is no relief, it may be worth your while to obtain the services of a well-known and effective North Texas facial plastic surgeon, such as the one in the hyperlink. If you’re not located in Texas, don’t fret; you can use the link as a sort of rubric by which other options may be judged for efficacy. A number of diverse factors have made it so that cosmetic solutions for severe scarring from acne are quite common today. You may be surprised at the options available now. For your overall health, be sure you don’t exclude such alternatives in your search.

Prevent New Ones From Forming

The easiest way to prevent your skin from getting ice pick scars is to treat flare ups of acne promptly, with an acne regimen that you have tested for use on your particular skin. Another thing that you must never do is squeeze or pop pimples. This can cause the edges of your skin around the pore to tear, letting dirt in to get inflamed while it heals over, affecting the healing process.By tending to acne flare ups quickly and gently, you can prevent yourself from getting new ice pick scars.

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