Justina Valentine Kids: A Comprehensive Insight into the Celebrity’s Family Life

Justina Valentine, a renowned rapper, singer, songwriter, and model, is known for her exuberant personality and versatile musical style. Born on February 14, 1987, in Passaic County, New Jersey, Valentine was raised in a musical home. Her father, a lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, played a significant role in developing her passion for music.

Though Valentine has garnered significant attention for her career, her personal life also generates curiosity among fans. Many wonder about her family situation, specifically in regards to whether she has children. While there are discussions around this topic, concrete information about Justina Valentine kids is currently not available. We will provide further updates on her personal life as they surface.


Justina Valentine, a versatile and talented rapper, singer, and songwriter, hails from Passaic County, New Jersey. She started her music career in 2006, expressing her love for hip-hop and R&B through her unique sound. Over the years, Justina has released multiple mixtapes, EPs, and singles that gained her significant recognition and success.

Her first mixtape, Route 80, was released in 2012 and featured popular singles such as “Hip-hop Joan Jett” and “Bubble Gum.” These tracks garnered substantial attention on YouTube, propelling her career further. In 2013, she followed up with her debut EP, Valentine, which continued to demonstrate her prowess as a vocalist and musician.

Justina’s second mixtape, Red Velvet, came out later, solidifying her position in the industry. Some notable songs from her discography include “Candy Land” featuring Fetty Wap and the single “All the Way.” Her music often combines catchy tunes with insightful lyrics and a touch of sass, providing fans with an engaging listening experience.

Besides her accomplishments in music, Justina has ventured into television, joining the MTV family. She became a prominent cast member on the popular show Wild ‘N Out in 2016, showcasing her wit and humor alongside established comedy and improvisation talents like Conceited. Additionally, she appeared on The Challenge and Singled Out, further expanding her presence in the entertainment world.

As a live performer, Justina has graced various stages, including the Vans Warped Tour and Relief Tour. Her energetic performances and powerful vocals consistently captivate audiences, earning her a dedicated fanbase.

In summary, Justina Valentine has built an impressive career in both music and television with her dynamic skillset. From her beginnings as a singer and songwriter in New Jersey to her success on MTV shows and live tours, she continues to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

Personal Life

Romantic Relations

Justina Valentine, born and raised in Passaic County, New Jersey, is known to keep her love life private. The singer, rapper, and television host has been linked to several celebrities in the past, such as rapper Fetty Wap, singer Somaya Reece, and Wild ‘N Out co-star Conceited. However, none of these rumors have been confirmed by either party involved. Her relationship with artist Mike Stud was also a subject of speculation, but no concrete information is available on their status.


Hailing from an Italian heritage, Justina grew up in the United States and had a passion for music since her childhood. Born on February 14 as an Aquarius, she began her career in the entertainment industry early in her life. She has managed to amass a significant following across various social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

As a multi-talented artist, Justina has achieved great success in her career, from her music to hosting the iHeartRadio podcast and becoming a celebrated television personality on Wild ‘N Out, a popular comedy show. She also collaborated with celebrities like Sommer Ray, and her estimated net worth is around $1.5 million.

Although her family has played a significant role in supporting her career choices, there is no information available regarding Justina Valentine’s children. Given her discretion when it comes to sharing details about her personal life, it is unclear whether she has kids or not.

In conclusion, Justina Valentine is a talented artist with various interests and achievements in her career. She is committed to her work, passionate about her art, and enjoys a sizable following on social media. While she has faced numerous rumors regarding her love life and relationships, she has kept her romantic relations and family life largely private.

So far, there is no information about Justina Valentine kids.

Career Highlights

Justina Valentine, a versatile artist, has shown her talents in various fields such as music, television, and comedy. She began her music career by releasing her first mixtape, Route 80, in 2012, which included popular singles like “Hip-hop Joan Jett” and “Bubble Gum.” Following the success of her debut release, Valentine launched her first EP, titled Valentine, in 2013 and continued to showcase her musical prowess with her second mixtape, Red Velvet.

One of Justina’s most unforgettable moments was the release of her album, Infrared, showcasing her unique style and favorite vibe. Collaborating with famous artists like Futuristic, the album received considerable attention and appreciation from her fans.

Justina Valentine’s career took a different turn when she joined the VH1 television show Wild ‘N Out in 2016. Hosted by Nick Cannon, the show is a mix of sketch comedy and improv games, where her humor, quick wit, and ability to entertain audiences boosted her fame. During her time on the show, Justina worked with other talented and popular cast members such as B. Simone and Pretty Vee, further enriching her career.

Here is a quick overview of Justina Valentine’s career highlights:

  • First mixtape: Route 80 (2012)
  • First EP: Valentine (2013)
  • Second mixtape: Red Velvet
  • Album: Infrared
  • Show: Wild ‘N Out (since 2016)

At present, Justina Valentine is known for her multifaceted talents. With a solid music career and her ongoing success on Wild ‘N Out, she has proved her mettle in the entertainment industry, while also being a beacon for women in the world of improv comedy.

Physical Attributes

Justina Valentine, the talented American singer, songwriter, rapper, TV host, and model, is known for her striking appearance and eclectic style. Standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters), she carries her 57 kg (127 lbs) weight gracefully.

The American model has always attracted attention with her confident and bold choices in terms of fashion. Her measurements are 34-26-37 inches, complementing her hourglass figure, and she wears a 33 C bra size. With dazzling blue eyes and her signature cherry red hair, Justina has made a name for herself in the modeling industry, often seen posing in unique, fashionable bikinis that set her apart.

Outside of the modeling world, Justina is also a brilliant artist. As an American singer, her soulful voice and lyrics have made her famous among a considerable fanbase. Through breathtaking performances on various theatres, she never fails to captivate the audience with her powerful stage presence.



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