Planning On Moving To Penrith? Everything You Need To Know

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Based in the heart of Cumbria’s Eden Valley, Penrith is a historically important town renowned for its 14th century castle and beautiful rural aesthetic.

Thanks to its cosy, countryside charm, the town is popular with young families looking to move out of the city and settle someone that is both rustic but still connected to the wider world. It’s popular with both English residents looking to move from another part of the UK and people from abroad who want to find the perfect home in Britain.

Wherever you’re from, there’s loads to do and see in Penrith and Cumbria, but it can take preparation to really get stuck into your new life in this incredible, rustic town.

If you’re looking to move to Penrith, here’s some of the important information you need to know before you relocate so you can enjoy a prosperous time living in this glorious part of England.

There’s Lots To Do In Penrith

Whilst the town is best known for its castle, there are in fact a wide range of different attractions on offer in Penrith. From sporting facilities like golf courses and clay pigeon shooting sites through to shopping centres and places of historical interest, there is a lot to see in the town and the surrounding areas, meaning that every new resident will be able to find new hobbies and interests to suit their unique tastes.

Penrith Is Near To The Lake District

The Lake District is one of the UK’s most beautiful and glorious national parks, and Penrith is less than 5 miles away from it, meaning that new residents do not have to travel far to find themselves in the heart of this majestic setting. Great for hiking, cycling and exploring, the Lake District is a perfect place for people who really want to immerse themselves in nature and explore waterfalls, moors and forests all in one stunning space.

There’s A Lot Of Culture In The Town

Local history and culture is important to the people of Penrith, and as a result there are lots of museums, galleries and libraries where you can learn more about the rich history and heritage of the town, as well as the newest cultural developments. If you want to see new things and learn, then Penrith is the perfect place for you. Many of the region’s attractions are free or cheap to enter, meaning you can inform yourself and learn without spending too much money.

Gourmets Will Love Penrith

Cumbria is the home of a wide range of delicious dishes, including its famed sausages, Kendal Mint Cake and sticky toffee pudding, and as such those who choose to relocate to Penrith will quickly find themselves immersed in a culture filled with tempting treats to try. The town itself is home to a wide array of different cafes, restaurants and food shops where diners can select from some of the freshest ingredients and dishes available. Even the most discerning of diners will find something they adore in Penrith, and home cooks can easily find a supplier to offer them farm fresh delicacies that they can cook to their exact specifications in the comfort of their own home.

Dogs Are Welcome

The English countryside is much more welcoming to man’s best friend than cities, and Penrith exemplifies this. The town is filled with an array of attractions and businesses that welcome dogs of all sizes, meaning that you can take your best friend with you when you go out on your adventures in your new hometown. Many of the walks are great for dogs, so you can make memories with your four-legged friend when you move with them to Penrith.

The Town Is Full Of Independent Shops

As a small rural market town, Penrith is blessed with a wide array of independent stores that sell everything from sweet handmade gifts to unique clothes and artisan crafts. Markets of all kinds are hosted regularly in the local area, meaning that you can visit small businesses and see the array of wares they have to offer. There are also mainstream shops in the local area, meaning that when you move to the town, you’ll easily be able to find everything you need and much more.

Local Society Is Thriving

With a strong community spirit, Penrith is filled with local clubs, groups and societies for new residents to choose from. Whether you’re a big sports fan, a culture vulture or a hobbyist with a number of different skills, you’ll be able to find something to tempt you and get you out and about meeting new friends in no time. Meetups in the area aren’t just formal clubs and societies; they’re also informal meetings in some of the town’s many cosy pubs. Whatever your tastes, you’ll be able to find a society or club that suits your tastes in Penrith’s thriving community.

It Can Get Quite Cold In The Winter

Being based in the North of England, Penrith can get incredibly cold, particularly in the winter, and as such if you’re planning on moving to the town you should explore the latest heating technologies available and see if you can add anything to your new home.  Incognito Heat Co have recently installed some of the most innovative heat pump technology in a property in Penrith to keep its occupants warm, and solutions like this can really make a difference in the cold winter months.

Penrith Is Also Very Wet

Being part of a very hilly landscape in the North of England, Penrith and Cumbria as a whole are both very prone to rain, meaning that if you are planning on moving there you need to make sure you’re prepared. Make sure that you take the appropriate outdoor gear, so that if you do get caught in an unexpected downpour, you’re always ready. It’s not just coats you need to consider either; remember to have the appropriate footwear when you move to Penrith so that you don’t slip or ruin your shoes in the mud.

The Town Is Family-Friendly

Moving to a new town can be tough if you’ve got a young family in tow, but your little ones will soon settle into life in Penrith thanks to the area’s wide range of family-friendly days out and attractions. There are loads of places where kids of all ages can play and really get to grips with life in the heart of Cumbria. Outdoor activities, meetups and playcentres abound in this friendly town, and for those who want to take their children to see more there’s lots to do throughout Cumbria and the surrounding area.

Schools In Penrith Are Of Excellence Quality

Relocating with your children to a new area often means moving them to a new school, and this can be nerve-wracking for many parents. Penrith has a wide range of different education providers, many of which are performing well above the national average for primary grades, and as such you’ll be able to find a great establishment to drive your precious offspring onto a path towards success and prosperity.

Transport In And Around Penrith Is Great

Next to the M6 motorway and with an array of public transport options, Penrith is great for those who want to base themselves in a beautiful, rural English town and then commute to other parts of the UK as and when they want to. There are bus and rail connections to an array of local attractions and surrounding towns for those who want to see more of the local area, as well as national rail links and long-distance coach stops for those who wish to venture further afield.

Local Sport Is Thriving

A small town, Penrith is home to a range of local sports teams like Penrith F.C. and Penrith Rugby Football Club, and as such sports fans who prefer watching to playing can find something to watch across a range of sports. There might not be any big-league teams from this town, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and get into the sporting spirit. Watching local teams will help you to get into the community spirit and immerse yourself in life in this beautiful town.

Adventurers Can Always Find Something To Explore In Penrith

Surrounded by an array of mountains and different walking trails, Penrith is great for those who love the great outdoors and want to see more of the UK’s countryside. From birdwatching to hiking, cycling to outdoor swimming, any intrepid explorer can find something new to see and do in Penrith and the surrounding countryside. Being so near to the Lake District means that new residents in Penrith can make the most of their proximity to this expansive national park.

Penrith is an incredible base for anyone looking to move to a quintessentially English town and enjoy everything it has to offer. This information should help you to see the benefits of being based in this glorious slice of British heritage.

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