6 Storage Ideas for Your New Season Buys

If you’ve been decluttering for fall and winter and are looking for ways to make your storage work better for you, it can be a challenge. However, it’s not impossible whatever space you have.

Whether you’re thinking about completing renovating your clothing area and closet or giving it a little refresh, check out these tips to accommodate your new purchases.

1. Under the bed storage

If you have room under your bed, then why not use it. It’s often a space we forget about, and you don’t have to buy a bed frame with drawers to utilize the space. There are a variety of wheeled drawers that can slot underneath, which makes them easily accessible. Why not check out the selection of Home Depot coupons to see what’s on offer. This way, you can store all the clothing you don’t need for the new season without having to get rid of old stuff completely.

2. Hang accessories

Accessories can take up a lot of room. Whether it’s handbags, belts, or shoes, why not hang them up. The range of hanging storage options means you could place them behind a door or inside your closet to free up space. You could also incorporate hidden racks that pull out to hold belts.

3. Use tiered hangers

Tiered hangers are a great way to squeeze a lot more into your closet space. For a DIY option, use a lightweight chain and place it over the top hanger. This gives you some extra loops to place other hangers below. However, be mindful of the weight of your clothing as although it’s a space saver, it could end up pulling your rail down if there’s too much on it.

4. Use fabric organizers on shelves in your closet

If you find that every time you pull something out of the shelf area in your closet that it all comes out in a mess, then this is the perfect solution. Fabric organizers are ideal for storing large or small items and make it easy to access everything with less hassle. They are perfect for saving space too and work with both clothing and accessories.

5. Invest in a modular closet

While traditional closets are still a great way to store your clothing, modular options are great for flexible storage. There is a range of modular closet designs available, and you can choose styles to match your space. They give you the option to change compartments areas and add or reduce hooks and rails as you wish.

6. Get creative

If you’re lacking space but still want to add a creative element to your room, why not consider chest or suitcase storage. Vintage style cases and old chests add an innovative feature to the room and double up as storage. You can upcycle them too and add your own unique touches to fit your interiors. What’s more, you can stack them up to create a focal feature. There are always tons of affordable options art local thrift stores and flea markets.



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