Maximising The Use Of Restoration Hardware In Your Home

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When it comes to home renovation projects, it usually falls into basic categories of refinishing, remodelling, and redressing. The redressing category is where the hardware plays a huge part. When thinking of ways to increase the value of their homes, many homeowners tend to do significant work such as new flooring, bathroom overhaul, or kitchen remodelling. While they are correct, because those large-scale home projects can bring considerable returns in the future, there are also other ways that will not break the bank. We are talking about adding restoration hardware such as doorknobs, door handles, faucets, etc., that fit the bill of redressing.

Maintain Consistency

While mix and match can create an amazing overall look, keeping it consistent can also create an excellent design in your interior. So, choose one or two finishes that complement one another and use them throughout the entire home. Hardware design that features consistency is especially ideal for opening concept spaces. Find a company that offers extensive lines of hardware, making it easier for you to create a streamlined appearance.

Think Classic but Contemporary

Home hardware is an inexpensive way to design your space compared to, for example, bright yellow cabinets that you may need replacement in a couple of years. Also, stop yourself from buying a wacky doorknob or drawer pull. Redressing means to update the interior of your home, which refers to selecting modern and clean restoration hardware items that will not go out of style for a long time. This eliminates the need to replace them every few months or so.

Function and Fashion

While you want your hardware, fittings, fixtures to look beautiful, make sure they can deliver on functionality too. This is because these are elements in your house that you use and touch several times every day, so they must perform well. Drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, and door handles that feel awkward to grip can frustrate and annoy you in the long run. A faucet that does not go well with your sink may eventually create a mess. Therefore, pick your hardware accordingly.

Think About Your House Exterior

When people visit you at home, one of the first things they see is your front door. Many home design experts suggest that investing in quality restoration hardware is an excellent project you can do to your home. You can add a slick lock set and door handle on your front door to add to the appeal of the door.

Hardware Placement

When thinking of the placement of your hardware, consider your overall style preference. There are many to choose from, including Western, transitional, eclectic, minimalist, contemporary, traditional, cottage, coastal, French, or Art Deco. Do you want variety from room to room, or want consistency throughout the house? When you know what style you want for your home, it would be easy to incorporate the style of the hardware you want to add.

After establishing the style you hope to achieve, you can choose the metals you would like to add. It also helps if you envision yourself using the pulls, handles, and knobs on your cabinets and doors.

Do not be afraid to expand your horizons. This is what you call untraditional functionality of your restoration hardware. Therefore, drawer pulls, and cabinet knobs can breathe new life to a dated wardrobe or dresser, or a bathroom towel bar can be used as for accessible dish towels in the kitchen island.

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