How to Restart Your Life in a Pandemic

Everybody has experienced the impacts of the current pandemic. The lives of most people have almost come to a standstill. Some individuals have lost their jobs and this has increased their stress levels. For individuals that have been recovering from addiction, they no longer have access to physical meetings.

There’s another group that had overcome addiction and now restarting life without drugs. Group meetings were a crucial aspect of the support system for such people. Others are suffering from addiction. Unfortunately, the strict measures put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus makes it hard for such people to access treatment.

Some individuals are undergoing mandatory detoxification due to quarantine. Unfortunately, some of them are relapsing because they can’t bear painful withdrawal symptoms. Essentially, in-person meetings are no longer happening. But, these meetings are important and they happen even over the holidays.

How the Pandemic is Affecting Recovery

You might be asking, can I get help from drug rehab near me ( during this pandemic? Well, most addiction recovery facilities are open for online and on-call services. But, this pandemic is a major challenge to individuals that want to restart life after addiction.

Governments and health experts are urging people to self-isolate during this pandemic. Unfortunately, isolation tends to fuel withdrawal and emotional stress for those recovering from addiction. Research has shown that stress is among the key factors that can cause substance use disorder and relapse. Consequently, individuals that are restarting life during the pandemic might engage in drug abuse again trying to cope with isolation.

Increased anxiety is another issue that can be problematic to those restarting life during this pandemic. Recovering addicts can watch news of the unfolding coronavirus pandemic and feel scared. Anxiety can increase because of the requirements to keep a social distance. Recovering addicts may not have people to talk to when worried or stressed as people try to maintain social distance. As such, cases of co-occurring health issues that include anxiety and depression are likely to increase.

Restarting life in this pandemic might also be difficult due to the supply shortage. Co-occurring disorders and addiction treatment requires some supplies. And there could be a shortage of this supply because of the quarantine requirements in most countries. Perhaps, you might ask, can’t I get the supplies I need from the inpatient drug rehab near me?

Well, most facilities have a shortage of protective gear. Until the government lifts restrictions, some facilities won’t get the supplies they need because they do not have the required pandemic passes.

You Can Still Restart Life in a Pandemic

The fact that the current pandemic is affecting the lives of people that want to restart life after addiction doesn’t mean they should give up. Many people are still seeking the assistance they need to overcome addiction and start life afresh regardless of the pandemic.

For some individuals, this pandemic has enabled them to overcome addiction in some ways. That’s because they can’t meet the people they used to use drugs with. Thus, this pandemic has enabled them to avoid some of their triggers.

Online or phone recovery support is also serving as an alternative to in-person meetings. Many recovery support and 12-step in-person meetings were canceled due to COVID-19. However, many treatment centers are providing virtual and phone support.

Although online and phone meetings have been taking place for a while, their demand has increased during this pandemic. They are providing an effective coping method for those restarting life during this pandemic.

Most individuals experience increased triggers during this pandemic. What’s more, the pandemic limits their treatment access. Luckily, facilities that provide treatments are offering access to resources that individuals can use to get the assistance they need to restart life.

Perhaps, you might be wondering, are there drug rehabs near me that offer online and phone support? Well, check out and you might be surprised to find a facility that offers support using tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts.

Voice and video meetings are the best for individuals that are restarting life during this pandemic. Engaging in video or voice conversations enhances the contact level. It also establishes connections with other recovering addicts and sponsors.

Therefore, choose a facility that allows for video chats via tools like Skype and Zoom. This will provide an experience almost similar to that of face-to-face meetings that you were probably used to before the pandemic.

Professional Help is Still Important

Not everybody that is restarting life in this pandemic will be content with virtual meetings. Some individuals need in-person assistance from professionals. This is understandable. That’s why some facilities are still offering in-house treatment. However, these facilities still recommend that patients try to start at home and use their online services. But, organized in-person meetings can still be organized. Thus, you need to contact the facility first to organize an in-person meeting before the actual visit. Addiction recovery goes beyond overcoming your dependence on drugs or alcohol. Counseling and therapy can help you deal with triggers while doctor house calls in Los Angeles can help treat any health issues that may have been caused by drug use.

Perhaps, you’re asking, is there an inpatient drug rehab near me that’s operational at this time? That’s because you feel that inpatient treatment is the most ideal option for you, a friend, or a relative. Well, the best way to find this out is to contact the facilities near you. Most facilities provide online and phone meetings. However, some will attend to the critical conditions of the individuals that are restarting life and those in recovery.

Most facilities are addressing issues like cocaine addiction, alcohol treatment, and co-occurring disorders among those in active addiction and those in recovery. Therefore, you can find a facility that caters to your needs when trying to restart life in this pandemic.

The Bottom Line

Many people that are trying to restart life have been affected significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing, lockdowns, and stress that comes with the disruption of normal life has affected how these individuals get the assistance they need to restart life. It’s not surprising to find a person asking, can I still get drug counseling near me? That’s because many individuals need assistance to beat addiction but they don’t know how to get it. Luckily, many facilities are providing phone and online meetings as an alternative to in-person meetings. And these meetings are enabling individuals to cope or restart life in this pandemic.



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