Improve your sleep by switching to an organic mattress

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An organic mattress is made up of all-natural materials. They are non-toxic in nature and free of all the harmful substances and synthetic components. They help you to breathe very easily. They help you to keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

People who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases prefer organic mattress. They are also good for newborn babies.

An organic mattress is made from a mixture of layers of natural wool, organic cotton sometimes along with natural organic latex. The problem some people face in using them is, they are slightly more expensive than standard and memory foam mattresses.

Why you should consider switching to a non-toxic mattress

Polyurethane mattresses, on the other hand, are not good regarding sleep quality. They are made of all synthetic fibers. Polyurethane foam absorbs your body heat very rapidly while organic mattress help to retain your body heat. This is the reason you feel very hot in summer and cold in winter if you are using polyurethane foam.

Polyurethane mattresses gives off a bad chemical odor. It becomes unbearable for you to endure this smell sometimes. It is also found that low-quality polyurethane mattress gradually disintegrates, and lose their quality of providing support.

They are light with no edge support, skittering around as pressure is put on one spot. They cannot be used for infants and children as they are made up of harmful substances. Polyurethane mattress loaded with solid gasoline, give off toxic fumes which lead to several health problems.

The Dangers of VOCs

According to this study, polyurethane mattress is believed to release the minute amount of gaseous compounds called as VOC (volatile organic compounds). The VOC can include chlorofluorocarbons, formaldehyde, benzene, methyl chloride, toluene, and many others. These volatile compounds break apart forming gases.

When you lay on the mattress, your body heat causes increased emission of VOC from the mattress. A small emission of these VOC gases will cause breathing problems, headache, eye and throat irritation, and sometimes asthma. They are not good for sleeping purposes.

Organic mattresses are free of all these chemicals providing you a quality sleep with health. Make sure to stay away from these mattresses as they will cause serious problems especially to those who are already suffering.

6 ways organic mattresses help improve your sleep

According to this in-depth review, organic mattresses have a host of benefits to help improve your sleep:

Organic mattresses are chemical- and toxic-free.

They are made from materials which are very organic and natural with zero synthetic chemicals. The organic wool from which mattress is made comes animal’s wool which lives in parasite-free pastures. They are free of carcinogenic compounds.

No chemical is incorporated while synthesizing this mattress. When mattress will be free of all the problems, it will help you to get a good sleep.


Organic mattresses provide good quality sleep to people suffering from allergies and respiratory problems. People suffering from this disease are unable to get along mattress other than organic ones. It is found that allergy is mostly caused due to toxic substances present in conventional mattress, as chemicals are incorporated in them during the manufacturing process.

Organic mattress made of 100% natural wool and synthetic materials will be helpful for allergic persons. It resists bacteria, mold, mildew, and dust mites. Wool fibers comprise scales that act as self-cleansing mechanism and ventilating system which provides moisture and prevent allergies.

Regulates temperature

Organic mattresses often have a unique ability to maintain body temperature. The substances present in them like natural latex and organic wool helps our mattress to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

All these natural ingredients help to remove moisture from your body. It provides you a calm body temperature and heart rate that helps you to sleep better. It takes up moisture in vapor form.

Wool has an ability to absorb 30% of its weight from moisture without feeling damp. Wool absorbs the evaporated water and keeps a layer of dry air next to your skin, which holds body heat. Organic wool also acts as a natural insulator. It provides you a very comfortable and peaceful sleep in all seasons.

Extreme support and minimal pressure

Organic mattress is very supportive. They provide firm support to your back and spine. It relaxes your body that will lead to good sleep. It also helps to evenly distribute the pressure of your body that regulated body circulation and breathing. It also reduces pressure points.

Comfort and elasticity

Organic mattress is very comfortable to lay on. They provide healthy surroundings to sleep. It molds and naturally contours the body. Its super elasticity prevents it from suppressing and compressing like other foams. It also prevents turbulences like sleep disturbance.

The extreme elasticity of organic wool present in the mattress prevent it from compressing and enables it to back to its original shape and position even under extreme pressure.


Organic mattresses have a much longer life expectancy as compared to other ones because they do not break down easily. Organic latex mattress is made of such type of materials that are durable and long-lasting.

Organic wool used in its making is able to be stretched up to 50% while being wet and 30% when dry. They also have a tendency to reshape back to its original position when stress is released. The flexibility of wool fibers makes them more long-lasting and elasticity makes wool fibers resistant to tearing.

Non-toxic mattresses support your health

It is found that organic mattress is carbon-based products that is very healthy and safe to be used. They are free of all the VOCs and many other chemicals that cause health problems.

You can breathe healthier while using a natural mattress or organic topper. They are free of any kind of glue and formaldehyde (which causes a bad odor). They are very helpful in retaining your body temperature and wicks away moisture.

They are highly resistant to dust and molds growth upon them which is quite beneficial and healthy. Make sure to use an organic mattress for a healthy lifestyle. Although they will be a bit costly, but you will enjoy comfortable sleep on them. Choose to be healthy, stay healthy.

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