Dreaming Of Cockroaches – Sign of Good Luck or Not?

The cockroach is an insect that can survive almost any condition. And because of that, they symbolize longevity and persistence. Some people consider them a sign of good luck. But what does it mean to dream of cockroaches? Is it a sign of good luck? Will it bring luck or misfortune?

Dreaming of cockroaches is often a good sign. It is a sign you can endure and achieve success through perseverance. Cockroaches teach us that perseverance pays off in the end. Yet, sometimes, they indicate feeling guilty for not keeping promises.

When you dream cockroaches, you might think your success can only come through hard work. But that dream might also serve as a warning of possible health issues. Most importantly, this dream reminds us to take as many responsibilities as you can handle.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at different interpretations about dreaming of cockroaches.

The Dream Psychology of a cockroach dream

We can break down the meaning of cockroaches’ dreams in various sections. Here are some of the most popular ones.

We mentioned resilience before, and it is one of the most common indications. Cockroaches indicate you show resilience in your life. Or that you should show it in the problems that may occur in the future. It is also a sign that you are trying to heal from a trauma or an incident.

Cockroaches also present a sign of hidden thoughts. Remember, cockroaches are great at hiding. They can live in the smallest crack in the darkest place. And they come out at night. So, if you see a small number of them, it might show a sign of hidden thoughts. Some you do not want to share with the rest of the world.

Also, because cockroaches are unsanitary, they show you that you need to clean everything. And that starts with your thoughts. Dreams of cockroaches are a sign for cleaning your thoughts.

Last, but not least, they are a sign of rebirth.

Spiritual meaning of cockroaches

We need to take a look at several different mythologies to understand the spiritual meaning. For starters, in Chinese numerology, they appear between the 25th of January and the 31st of January. They represent the number three, a number connected to the trinity and manifestation in life.

The number three represents free-minded and free-spirited people. Cockroaches need only water to survive, and water, in spirituality, gets associated with our emotions. Combine the number three and water, and you get a sign that a spirit protects you.

In Greek mythology, the number three is a three-lined triangle. It means you will experience a relationship breakdown or alternatively a career move involving three people.

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Different Cockroaches situations

We talked about the general meaning of cockroaches in our dreams, and about the spiritual meaning. But depending on the situation, the dream can mean a different thing. So, what is the specific cockroaches’ situation in your dreams? We go over a couple of scenarios.

Black Cockroach in your dream

The black cockroach indicates secrets, worry, contentment with money, and shiftiness. Known as the “oriental cockroach”, the black one can grow to 1.2 inches long. They do not fly. Because they cannot fly, these cockroaches show you came to a roadblock in your life.

The dream tries to tell you not to think too much about what happens around you. You need to think about what stands in your way of success.

Cockroaches in a house

If your house gets invaded with cockroaches in your dream, it is a sign you cannot stay there. You do not have a sense of harmony at home.

Does your house feel full? Or cluttered? This is the time to think about disposing of unnecessary things from the home. You might hold on to these things due to personal attachments and emotions.

Check all rooms in your home, including the kitchen and the bedroom. Do they feel cluttered?

Killing a cockroach in your dream

If you think about it, killing cockroaches is about war, defeat, and longevity. Fun fact: cockroaches can scuttle around for a week without their head. They can also survive a month without any food.

Even if you crush them, they might not die. Killing cockroaches in your dream means it is time to clean up your waking life. Something will happen and will start positive things coming your way.

Dead cockroaches

If you see dead cockroaches in your dream, it is dream symbol that God has protected you from harm. Usually, a roach symbolizes evil spirit intending to rob you of your well-being. Well, seeing a dead roach means God has conquered this threat.

On another note, a dead roach might also mean changes and problems coming to you soon.

Cockroaches swarming you

If you notice cockroach infestation and swarm in your dream, it is a sign of fear. You feel afraid of losing what you worked so hard to get and achieve. Do you worry about your wealth and material possessions? This cockroach dream might show that.

A swarm of cockroaches indicates you might lose something important. And that bothers you in your sleep. It is also a sign you are not a reckless spender.

Red cockroaches

If you dream about a red cockroach that is a sign you will receive money in the future. They might come in the form of a gift, or an investment, or anything else. And you might receive them from someone you know, or from a stranger.

Flying cockroaches

What should you think if you see a flying cockroach in your dream vision? Well, in most cases, flying roach has something to do with your feelings of neglect. You are probably overwhelmed by negative thoughts, work, feelings, or anything else. And you do not have time to put your mind into it.

A flying cockroach is also a sign that something needs attention. Think about what you have neglected in your life right now and you need to put more attention to it. Listen to your subconscious mind.

Cockroaches attacking you in your sleep

When you dream of cockroaches attacking you, it means you have a sense of injustice in life. That is a clear sign of injustice, and you will experience worry very soon.

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Cockroaches scattering in all directions

Cockroaches in your sleep can appear organized, or scattered in all directions. In the latter scenario, it is a sign you need to reorganize your life. Think of your dubious dealings, bad habits, and suspicious activities. Take the roach dream as a warning that you got caught in your own feelings.

Exterminating cockroaches

We talked about killing cockroaches and what does it mean according to the dream dictionary. But exterminating cockroaches has a different meaning. This dream is a sign of indecisiveness and signals you to take responsibility in your waking life.

Eating cockroaches

This is another cockroaches dream meaning about your inner feelings. When you have a dream about eating cockroaches, it means you are about to have an encounter that you have been trying to avoid.

And your subconscious mind is sending you a message that you cannot delay that encounter anymore.

Female cockroaches

As we said before, in many cases, cockroaches are a sign of good luck, good fortune, and good news. And even more if they are female cockroaches. How do you know if the roaches in your dream are female or male? Well, usually, a large cockroach and a big cockroach means female gender.

Females are generally larger than males.

What do reoccurring dreams of cockroaches mean?

Some people dream of cockroaches once, and some do it many times. If you have reoccurring dreams, it is a clear sign you need a change in your life.

Cockroaches disappear as soon as they appear. But if you are dreaming of cockroaches repeatedly, there is a challenge in front of you. They represent a symbol of healing and cleaning away the old to make way for the new. Communicate with yourself, and find your real needs in life. Focus on who you are!



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