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Your password is one of the most essential assets. It is the key to your identity and data and also your online presence. We use passwords almost everywhere we go. You can visit any site you want, or subscribe to any service you want, you need a valid login ID or Username and a password. A password is meant to secure your profile and other information that you share online. People passwords in many forms. Sometimes, users are required to use complex passwords that are a combination of special characters and alphanumeric characters. Such passwords are lengthy as well. This is where Password Managers kick in.

Many business roles require users to get done with different tasks from clients who have different administrative and other mundane tasks. All these tasks involve the use of some confidential information like credit card information, SSN and much other critical information. These corporations tend to outsource such tasks to individuals who work from remote locations. Hence, it is a requirement to have a client’s information/credentials stored in their databases.

After that, all the visitors need to do is go on a particular website, login by using a single click option that is present on the website and perform the necessary tasks. Finally, this leads to getting things done. This is where password managers become quite handy is one core application of these plug-ins/applications. Also, Password Managers are quite useful for people who have issues remembering their IDs, Passwords, or both. You can use these and to make things easy for yourself. Also, these are handy to keep your credentials organized and safe.

Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault

The key feature of this password management tool is that all popular browsers and platforms support it. Two-Factor Authentication is another cool feature of this tool. You can secure your files and share passwords. Also, you can maintain a full history of passwords and files used so far. If you want to get any of your tasks completed, this application can get your password saved for the website. When the user who you authorize wants to log in on your behalf It also allows them to save this for once. The application also gets all forms filled out with passwords of certain applications when you log in once again.

DashLane 3

This is one of the most secure password managers that syncs across different devices that you use. If you are using DashLane for a single device, you don’t have to pay for it. Above all, it has many cool features as well. These include secured passwords sharing methods, emergency password recovery options, keeps a track of online shopping and more. One of the best features is that the password manager rates all passwords which is quite helpful and change your password. If you are using iOS 8 you can use the Touch ID authentication.

LastPass Premium

Working with LastPass is much easier. You as a user can get an addition to the space of around 1 GB where you can store your files online. Users get to enjoy premium customer support without going through any ads. There are many features that you can get for free too. If you don’t want to spend much, you should stick with the free version

KeePass Password Safe

This is one of the customizable password managers. It is particularly good if you are an experienced user. You can also expand its functionality using different plugins. The KeePass Password Safe offers users with some really robust security and many other features. These include features like multiple user support and plugins that you can download to maximize your usability. This password management application is very secure when it comes to creating logins for websites that you might find annoying. It would get you through the process using some specific requirements and would prompt you in case you are using a weaker password. It carries a portable password management installation that allows you to carry the application on your flash drive. Also, it can input and output customizations. KeePass Password Safe uses an open-source platform. This means that if you think that there is a potential weakness or a security issue, you can quickly fix it.


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Password Managers not only offer convenience for people and businesses of all sizes but also save their time of asking for credentials and remembering password complex passwords. You can imagine the need for these useful password managers if you have to remember hundreds of websites that you might have to use.

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