Top Accounting Firms in Texas

Businesses employ accounting firms to handle their important financial tasks. These accounting firms specialize in providing financial services such as tax, management consulting, bookkeeping, forensic accounting, mergers, and acquisitions. There are several accounting firms working around the globe to provide specialized financial and accounting services to their customers. 

The list of accounting firms in Texas are:

1.  Acctwo

The company based out of Houston, Texas provides accounting services to more than 1000 organizations. They provide services for outsourced accounting, accounting software, and software development.  The company motto is to deliver the future of finance and accounting to its clients. The company provides consultation on active planning and accounting services with sound transaction management, Responsible cash management, and timely reports and analytics. 

2. Padgett Business Services of South Austin

Padgett Business Services provides full-service accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning to its customers. The company has been in the business for 5 decades and is consistently providing growth opportunities to its clients allowing them to achieve success by taking their business to newer heights. The company believes that the daily administrative work can take away the growth potential of its client and therefore provides solutions that make these mundane tasks easy for their clients. 

3. Maxwell Locke & Ritter LLP

The company believes in finding a unique company culture, that increases both employee and customer satisfaction. They focus on helping their employees reach their potential while providing exceptional services to its clients. The company culture, as they believe is in the interest of both the employees and the customers. The team includes some trusted advisors with proven expertise that enables them to find new solutions and growth opportunities for their clients.

4. Goldin Peiser&Peiser, LLP

Goldin Peiser&Peiser is an accounting firm in Texas, based in Dallas. The company takes a holistic approach in providing key strategic and operational insights that allow their clients to grow their business and maximize profitability while safeguarding key assets. Other than accounting and financial services, the company also offers audit and assurance services, wealth management, tax services, IRS representation and defense, and business and practice advisory. 

5. Accurate Methods Consulting, LLC

Accurate methods is a bookkeeping and financial services consulting firm that primarily focuses on small to mid-sized businesses. Accurate methods focus on providing solutions for the day-to-day administrative activities for the firms. The firm provides comprehensive consultation and advanced bookkeeping services tailored to the client’s needs so that they can focus on increasing their revenue and promote the growth of their companies. 


The list of top accounting firms in Texas includes organizations with years of experience in providing their clients with accounting and financial services such as tax services, wealth management, business consultation, audit, and advisory. For further information on any of the companies listed here, visit their websites. 



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