Why Should You Watch Movies Online Instead of Going to Theatres

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Cinemas have always held an important place in the cultural setup of America. This institution has a way of bringing people together from different walks of life, and of offering them a collective experience – something that they can share and take away. Going to the movies with friends and family to celebrate the victories of life or to overcome the losses has become a tradition that holds a dear value. However, given the recent wave of coronavirus-induced panic, authorities have put a stop to such communal activities for the sake of public safety. In case you yearn to hit the nearest cinema and watch a theatrical release of a movie you’ve been excited about for a long time, give this post a read. It will show you why you should #StayAtHome and stream the movies online instead of breaking the lockdown rules and going to the theaters. Really, when you watch movies at home, all you need is a TV Aerialor decent Internet connection.

It is Cost-Effective

Given the recent economic hurl and political instability, everyone is looking to save money. It is a wise move, after all. Nothing is worse than a cash crunch amid a pandemic. Since you are probably already cutting down expenses by severing your ties with lifestyle luxuries, how about I tell you another way you can save some bucks? Watching movies online. You see, a movie ticket for one person costs around $15 to $20 on average. On the other hand, if you subscribe to a streaming service, let’s say, HBO Now, all you have to do is pay $15 per month and you can watch hundreds of movies in that price tag with your family across multiple screens. Which option sounds more affordable to you?

It is Time-Friendly

Human beings by nature like to control things around them. A movie theatre hardly gives you that chance. It keeps the movie rolling even if you have to go to the bathroom, refill your drinks or get an important phone call. In short, it doesn’t wait for you. By the time you get back, half of the story is already passed. However, when you are streaming a movie at home, you have absolute control over the process. You can pause, rewind, and fast-forward to your liking. Another interesting benefit of watching movies at home is that you can pick any time of the day, whether it’s in the morning or the middle of the night, and stream whatever you were bingeing last. You cannot do that in a cinema, which runs on a tight impersonal schedule.

It is Upgradeable

If you prefer to go to the theatre because it offers a big screen and a surround sound experience, then do I have some news for you! It is quite possible to recreate the cinematic experience at home with just a number of tweaks. For starters, you can install a comfortable couch or a recliner chair at the right distance from the screen so that your seating is perfect. Next, you can sound-proof the walls with non-invasive fixes, carpet the room, and fix Philips Hue smart bulbs to control the lighting from your phone. You can make a one-time investment by getting a good home theatre system, like Sonos Beam 5.1 Surround Set, an expansive TV screen from the TCL 6-Series line and a bandwidth-rich connection like Spectrum internet to make sure your streaming goes undisturbed. These are just a few tips through which you can make your room look better than a cinema.

It is a Crowd-less Experience

There are two kinds of people in a movie theatre. Those who are as eager as you to watch the most-awaited scenes with the right suspense and silence, and those who are just there to spoil the fun for everyone with whines and jeers. It’s your luck which audience you get stuck with – one that makes the experience better or one which makes it worse. You can avoid this gamble altogether by watching movies at home. Since it’s YOUR personalized screen, you’re the only viewer in charge. You won’t have to deal with ill-mannered crowds.

It is a Foodie’s Heaven

Nearly every movie theatre has the same rule: No outside food allowed. This means you have to restrict yourself to the cinema’s menu, which isn’t that great, to be honest. All you are left to munch on are popcorns, liquors, nachos, or candy. On the other hand, if you watch a movie at home, you can eat anything your heart desires. Order your favorites from Burger King, Hardees, or White Castle. Make your own Mac n’ Cheese or brownies and enhance your enjoyment of the movie with delectable treats that you want to eat.

The Bottom Line

Watching movies at home is not only a safe option but an affordable one too, as the aforementioned reasons show. So, say goodbye to movie theaters and stream away!

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