What to know before going to the beach in the Philippines

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If your next adventure is going to be centered around the beach, there’s more to everything than just packing sunscreen and the most fashionable swimsuits. As simple as white sands and turquoise waters can seem, there are infinite points to discuss about how to make paradise even sweeter.

The Philippines have beaches that are world renown for a reason; the views are just as spectacular as they seem to be in the movies, photos your friends post on Facebook, or decorating the desktop wallpapers in offices. Upon arriving, the first thing you’ll want to do is to jump into the turquoise depths. The second thing you’ll want to do is to get comfortable! Scroll further and find travel hacks for shore-side relaxation inspired by certain hotspots in the Philippines. 


There are thousands of islands and tens of provinces to explore in the Philippines. This means that the opportunities for beaching are limitless. One of the most popular routes is from El Nido to Coron, and each of these places features idyllic views and sparkling seascapes. 

Before pushing your toes into the soft sands, there are a couple of tips that could really elevate your experiences on the Filipino shores. 

Since the Philippines is made up of archipelagos, there are thousands of types of beaches you could visit. Whether you want to spend your time slowly with a margarita in hand, or zip line between palm trees, there will be an island that fits your needs. Try starting your vacation with island hopping tours, as they provide the greatest opportunities for exploration. 

Don’t forget that you’ll have to pay for the fantasy of sipping on a tropical cocktail in front of the blue tides. On most beach resorts, especially ones which are more rural, credit cards are rarely accepted. Make sure to exchange to Filipino pesos (PHP) at the safest spots: ATMs. 

Just in case

Leave anxiety behind you and scan your travel documents, to create digital copies. Send those to the ones closest to you and lounge with no worries in mind. 

Forget the age-old move of putting valuables in your shoes. Instead, store your treasures in a secure spot, like your hotel room’s safe. 

Keep the water blue and the palm trees green

The Philippines has recently started to ramp up environmental protection, and their efforts don’t stop at the beach sides. Even as visitors, it’s important to take care of your surroundings. Make sure to bring reusable containers (like water bottles) and marine friendly sunscreen.

Let’s say you’re lounging on your beach towel in a place like Bantayan, under the soft sun rays. Your beach experience can level up even more with the consumption of a cold ice cream bar. But, once you finish it, you realize there’s no trash nearby. In order to curb littering in such a beautiful place, simply bring your own trash bag. 

Check mark

Of course, if you’re in a place like Cebu or Baler, you’ll want to take advantage of the weather with as little clothes as possible. Beyond packing your most fashionable swimsuits, bring flip flops or an extra pair of sandals with you. Even with the serene beaches, you might encounter terrain that is not barefoot-friendly. 

Remember to bring some snacks with you because the empty beaches often don’t have ample offerings in terms of delicacies. Nonetheless, you’re more likely to find scattered fresh fruit stands. Wouldn’t it be perfect to peel apart a decadent mango under the soft sun?

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that the Philippines are quite close to the equator. For this reason, visitors may find themselves to be a glowing shade of red by the end of their stays. Make sure to bring enough sunblock with you as it can be quite understocked in beach-side shops. 


Yes, even in faraway lands like the Filipino islands, there are certain requirements when it comes to behavior. Although locals are often open minded and accepting, especially so of foreigners, it’s important to keep in mind that the Philippines is a Catholic majority country with certain principles to heed.

Beyond keeping the sands clean, keep in consideration certain levels of modesty. Respect towards local customs is key, and going topless is considered quite rude. Wearing a bikini is totally fine but try not to wander out, beyond the beach, in a two piece. 

That’s all, folks!

It could be said that hacks for beaching follow a few similar principles. Planning ahead of time and packing essentials is central to a restful trip. Even more importantly, there are many steps we can take as travelers to preserve the environments we visit. After all, the inspiration we get from the places we visit can be amplified a million times over if gratitude and care aren’t spared.

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