Tips to Dress Well: Styling Hacks for Men

A well-dressed man looks more charismatic, attractive, and confident. It does not mean to wear the latest fashions and expensive clothes. You can wear your favorite clothes according to your budget and personal preferences. Fortunately, some simple fashion tricks will help you to dress like a gentleman.

For your assistance, here are some simple fashion rules to follow. You can try any of these hacks to change your style.

Experiment with Colors

Several men prefer white vests along with white shirts. It may not work well because a white vest will be visible. You can wear a grey vest because it absorbs light. In this way, you can conceal undershirt lines by creating a chic and clean look. If you want the latest collection of tees, check out the Blazer Clothing collection.

Fold Up Sleeves

Change your method of sleeve rolling because several smart techniques are available. You can show off the inner details of your cuff. Feel free to unbutton the gauntlet and cuff button. Pull up your cuffs to almost two widths. Grab the inside-out portion of the sleeve and roll it towards the base of the cuff. After rolling sleeves, you can leave some area of the cuff exposed.

Focus on the Style of Pockets

Before selecting a pocket style, you should determine how pockets look on your hips. Sometimes, dress pants or chinos look like ears on hips. Moreover, gaping pockets may make your hips look wide. These things may happen if your pants are extremely tight or these are close to your hips. Hence, it is significant to choose the right pocket style.

Pockets are available in three different flavors: front pockets, western pockets, and vertical pockets. On dress pants, you can see vertical pockets. This style can flare out if a pan does not fit appropriately. For this reason, correctly tailor your pants or consider a nuclear option to stitch pockets.

Front pockets feature a slanted style on dress slacks. If you do not want them to flare out, you can replace vertical pockets with front pockets. Finally, western pockets are also famous as horizontal pockets. These are common on chinos and jeans. For this style, you should not worry about flare-out issues.

Use Accessories to Become More Stylish

To up your style game, you will need the right accessories. For men, the watch is an important accessory to complete a simple outfit. For a classier look, getting a pocket watch instead would be a statement piece. A sports jacket is incomplete without pocket squares. Moreover, you will need cuff links for French cuff shirts. 

You can try something special to complete your look if you like, such as a watch, cufflinks, and tie pin. Watches are available in different styles. You can buy rugged sports and aesthetic, functional models.

Invest in Stylish Shoes

You can choose shoes in different styles, colors, and patterns. Opt for loafers, plain or dark shoes, and brogues. Remember, the shape of the shoes is really important. A round shape cannot go out of fashion. Make sure to buy comfortable and quality shoes for a stylish look.



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