Dreaming Of Maggots – Common Interpretations and Meaning

Maggots are the larvae of the common fly. We have to admit, they do not look pretty and appealing. They look a bit like worms. And usually, people hate seeing them. And even less, they do not want to dream of maggots. But what does this dream signify? Is there some common meaning? What are the specific meanings of dreams about maggots?

Well, generally speaking, dreaming of maggots represent negative aspects of your life. Because we associate them with pain, maggots often appear when you are bothered in life about something.

Let’s take a look at the different meanings and dream interpretations.

Biblical Meaning Of Dreams About Maggots

In a spiritual meaning way, depending on your emotions during the dream, maggots can signify positive or negative. For example, maggots in dreams can imply negativity, enthusiasm, or close ties. They reflect our feelings of being extra cautious.

When you dream maggots, it is a representation of negative aspects of your waking life. But they are also associated with gaining a purpose in life.

Sometimes, they serve as a warning about your own success and motivation in life. Some dreams about maggots might include stepping on a bed of maggots, observing maggots, creeping maggots, rotten meat, rotten flesh, fishing, or maggots coming out of your body. Positive things will happen if you clean away the maggots in your dream, you bravely walk through maggots, or you went fishing using maggots.

Common Maggots Dream Meaning

We said before that maggots can be both positive and negative. It all depends on the situation you are in your dream and what happens. Taking different factors into consideration, let’s take a look at some of the common and specific dreams about maggots.

Seeing Maggots In A Dream

When you dream maggots and see them in your dream, it is a sign that someone will try to ruin your plans. You have people around you that envy everything you do and what you have accomplished. Think about people that you have tried to help, but they still do not feel happy for you.

These people just want to find a reason to discredit your opinion and ruin your plans.

Killing Maggots In A Dream

This dream is a positive sign that you will face with yourself. It is a reminder to take a good look in the mirror and see where you want to go in your waking life.

It is a reminder that often you start something and give up quickly due to fear of failure. Yes, negative thoughts can get to you easily. But this dream comes as a reminder to stay persistent in your work.

Maggots Growing On A Living Person Or Animal

Who is the person you see in the maggot dream? If you know this person, the dream indicates that the relationship between the two of you has gotten bad or rotten. Even animals like dogs and cats relate to someone you know in your close surrounding.

The small maggots show the negative and decaying feelings or links between you and the person in your dream. For example, you might consider the said person “dead to you”.

Yet sometimes, maggot infestation in dreams is an indication of your fear of losing that person forever.

Maggots Growing From A Dead Person

When you see maggots growing from a dead person or from your own corpse, it is a sign of your fear of death or the unknown. Maggots are often seen as a symbol of death.

And if you have someone in your close surrounding that is dealing with a terminal illness, you are probably fearing for his life. But usually, it is a sign of your fear of death and failure.

Maggots Coming Out Of Your Mouth, Nose, or Ears

Maggots can come out of different parts of the body. And that makes them so disgusting to see. This dream is a warning sign of an upcoming period of depression. The worst part is depression might affect your health and relationship with people around you.

If you have this dream, it is probably time to think about a vacation. Do you work too much? It is time you take a bit of a break.

Finding A Maggot In An Apple

This is a common situation in life. And when it happens in your dreams, it is a good sign. This dream means you have strong moral principles. You appreciate quality over quantity. You might dream of rotten food, but small maggots in apples are a good sign.

Take this dream as an indication of your character. You pay attention to details, and that is not something we can say about a lot of people.

Searching For Maggots In Food But You Cannot Find Them

This dream is another indication of your character and personality. But in this case, it is a bad trait. You are trying to find problems where there are not. And that applies to every situation in your life.

The problem, as always, is in your head. So, try to get it together. Otherwise, you will search and find conflicts where there are none.

Stepping on maggots

Stepping on maggots in your dream can be both positive and bad omen. It depends on your real life situations.

It is a sign you are harboring negative emotions and energy like anger and frustration towards someone. If you do not communicate your feelings and clear the air, it can result in problems.

On the bright side, it might be a sign your subconscious mind is sending you. You are strong enough to protect yourself from outside negativity.

Maggots crawling and sucking your body

When you dream of maggots crawling and sucking your body, it is hint that people around you are not the best company for you.

They are probably jealous of your success, be it professional, personal, or financial. And you do not need that negative feeling around you.

If you believe you have untrustworthy people around you, it is best that you confront them and clear the air.

Tangled maggots

This is another dream that suggests confusion in your real life. It is a hint of a lack of consistency. You are undecided about what you want from your life. And it is time to make a decision.

Swarm of maggots

You might say a lot of these dreams of maggots are bad and represent negative emotions. In this case, a swarm of maggots represents greed. Take the dream interpretation as a warning about greedy people around you.

Maggots on a bed

If you have recurrent dreams of maggots on a bed, take it as a sign that your life is not going smoothly. You can suffer from financial, professional, or personal negative things. But remember, both happiness and sorrow are periodic in life.

Your time to be happy and successful will come back again.

Searching For Maggots In Food And Finding Them

This maggots dream is similar to the previous one, but with a slightly different explanation. In this case, the problem exists, but you cannot find a way to discover it. You are trying to find a problem and prove something to someone.

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Eating Maggots In A Dream

This dream means you will be the envy of people unintentionally. You will teach people a lesson about true friendship and life. And you will do it by not even thinking about it. The sad part is some people will take it personally and feel offended by your actions.

Throwing Up Maggots

Take it as a sign of upcoming fights with people you cannot stand. The problem is you cannot avoid contact with them. You will have to go to the very end of this fight.

Maggots Under And Crawling Out of Your Skin

This maggot dream suggests you have been going through issues. And you are ignoring and rejecting them. But the issues have started to grow bigger and bigger. Pretty soon, they will crawl out of the surface and start eating you.

It is time to deal with the repressed emotions and negative feelings in your life.

Maggots Around Your Eyes

Another dream suggests something about personality and behavior. In this case, it shows you are in a denial about an obvious problem. Dreaming of maggots in your eyes means you are refusing to see the truth. And it is obvious.

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Fishing With Maggots

We said before that when you use maggots as bait for fishing, it is a positive dream. It means you have made decisions in your life that have turned out good and successful.

There is no need to think and worry about past decisions. They have definitely made you a successful person.

Dreaming Of Wormy Fish

This dream is a warning sign that someone will blame you for something you haven’t done. And that blame will come out of gossip. People will start pointing fingers at you. Sadly, you do not know how to get out of this situation. Trying to defend yourself will make you look guilty.

The best way to escape the situation is to ignore it for a while. Then, the truth will reveal itself.

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Color of Maggots

We talked about some of the interpretations of seeing maggots in your dream. But let’s take a look at the color of these creatures and the meaning behind them.

  • Red maggots suggest you will overcome problems successfully
  • Yellow maggots suggest people envy you and they are jealous of your personality
  • White maggots represent gain and success in business
  • Green maggots mean you cannot confide in your friends
  • Black maggots symbolize a period of dissatisfaction in your life



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