What Are The Most Important Aspects To A Home Remodeling?

Home remodeling is a life decision for a couple if you are married, a family with their children, or a strong, single person who lives on his or her own. This is a life-changing moment when deciding to fix any part of your home. It could be your family room or your entertainment area. You may also choose to remodel your patio, balcony, garage, powder room, living room, kitchen, toilet, bath, or bedroom. One thing is for sure, though. Remodeling is not to be taken lightly, and it needs your full attention for the whole process.

How long will a home remodeling project take, and how much will it cost? It will depend upon the total size of the remodeling project, together with the project difficulty/complexity level, and the team who will do the task. If you opt to hire a specialist to do the remodeling for you, it will be expensive, but then again, that part of your home will come out as you envisioned it. You can also DIY, a home remodeling project done by you for less but with lots of risks. 

Experts say that in a home project, the rule of thumb is that for every $10,000 spent, it takes one to weeks of remodeling work. But it is necessary to plan out everything. Remodeling may even require permits from your city government, and you have to settle that before you start the project.

Remodeling Work Timeline: 

  • Designs and Plans will take about a month.
  • Demolishing, dismantling, or razing may take two weeks.
  • Heating, ventilation, and AC services, plus electrical and plumbing works, may take about five days to complete.
  • It takes ten days to finish drywall and framing work.
  • A paint job is done within a week on average, but it is a lot less for some.
  • If there are wall fixtures or cabinets to be done, it takes about a week to finish it. For doorways and windows, five days would be enough.
  • The flooring job, depending upon the type of flooring used, will take seven days. Some specialists can do it in five days, though. You can contact a company that does flooring installation in Toronto, live in the area, for example, and get a rough estimate. It is better to have this job done by a professional.
  • Finishings of the work and cleaning will take about a week, more or less.

Essential Steps in Home Remodeling

  1. Planning

– What part of the home are you remodeling?

– Who will do the work? DIY or contractor? Both? (When looking for contractors or specialists, make sure they possess the necessary experience backed up by years in the business and adequate permits/insurances/certifications/licenses.)

– What is your maximum working budget? (Labor cost allocation is 20 to 40% off your entire budget, and always have a 20% contingency fund. Yes, remodeling your home or any part of it is very expensive!)

– Never scrimp on your pipes and wirings budget. Make sure that the foundation is solid and that there are zero mold/termites too. Opt for general termite prevention and pest control service.

– If you will remodel outside your home, you can inquire about soil poisoning as well. 

2.      Demolition

– A licensed home remodeling contractor will know what to do upon demolishing, but if you are going to DIY, proceed with utmost caution. Ensure you will bind the debris safely and adequately so as not to cause harm to other people. Throw all in a dumpster, or better yet, label your bags of waste so that garbage people will know what it is.

3.      HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing

– How many outlets do you want?

– Where will you put the AC? The refrigerator? The vents? The sink?

4.      Drywall and Frame

– Do you need an extra wall or division? How about a doorway or a window? Set this up first to match your frames and drywall.

5.      Paint

– Most people have steps 2, 3, and 4 done by a contractor. And to save money, they do the painting themselves. This is possible.

6.      Fixtures

– As planned 

7.      Doors and Windows

– As planned

8.      Vents

– As planned

9.      Cleaning

– Cleaning Team or DIY

10.   Flooring  work

        Tiles, carpet, or hardwood floor?

11.   Finishings

12.   Move-in of home décor, furniture, and appliances.

The steps mentioned above guide you, the homeowner, to know which jobs are necessary to complete the home remodeling project. Even if you hire a contractor, knowing how long it takes to do each step in the whole process will keep you in line with your budget and time, as well.

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