Things to Considering When Choosing the Best Staircase Design

A high-quality staircase is essential for double story homes to get access to the top levels. It becomes a connecting path between floors, typically to a mezzanine, bedrooms or sun deck. Moreover, it will be a unique architectural feature for your home design. 

If you want to build a new home and need a new staircase, feel free to consider a staircase construction with Active Metal. Here are some crucial elements to consider when choosing the best staircase design.

Do Not Forget Budget

In the first step, you have to set your budget for staircase designs. It will help you to select the suitable material and style for stairs. Make sure to get different quotes for your staircase to have an idea about the total expense.

After setting a budget, it will be easy for you to choose a material. An aluminium metal staircase is a durable and budget-friendly choice than solid timber. Moreover, different other materials are available to fit your price range. 

Consider Available Space

Before selecting a staircase, it is essential to check the available space of your home. In this way, you can easily think about the design that should not take maximum space. Feel free to choose decorative and large stairs if you have a large area. Space will become an essential deciding factor in selecting the best staircase for your home.

If your space is limited, you can choose a spiral staircase. It will be the best design if you can push a staircase in the corner of your room. Moreover, you can consider a combination staircase. A combination staircase may be a blend of spiral and straight treads.

Safety is an Important Consideration

When buying a staircase, it is essential to focus on its safety. The safe stairs come with a safe landing that means return stairs along with U-shaped or L-shaped stairs. There are several instances where landing is not essential if the height is average. Typically, you will need stairs with a landing in public places, including hotels, hospitals and schools.

Stairs must not have gaps over 100mm for the safety of children. You can check your building regulations to find out minimum width requirements. A spiral staircase is better than a standard staircase.

Necessities of Occupants

Occupants of your building will use staircase daily; therefore, it is essential to consider their needs. If you have children and seniors, make sure to use handrails and landing plates.  It is essential to make stairs comfortable to climb. Wide stairs with less steep climbs can be a good option.


You have numerous choices in terms of material. Feel free to choose between concrete, steel, marble and timber. Glass is even a good choice for the tread that looks beautiful. Remember, glass is an expensive choice. If you have modern and minimal designs, glass stairs can be a suitable option. Remember, your selected material must suit the interior of your home. Moreover, try to choose durable stairs that should carry the load.  



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