4 Ways to Create More Buzz for Your Bed and Breakfast

Operating a bed and breakfast can be an incredibly rewarding path. Owners often comment on how special it is to meet so many different travelers and offer them a wonderful stay in their establishment. There’s also the fact that you are in the shoes of an entrepreneur who is in control of their career future and destiny. But for all the positives, there are also the challenges that bed and breakfast operators face – much of which is having to compete with the larger chains out there. 

If you’re looking for ways to create more buzz and interest in your bed and breakfast, here are some tips you may want to try out. These can inject excitement and interest in your property, thereby increasing your occupancy rates.

Create Different Packages

Rather than just offering a nightly rate, it can be useful to create different packages meant to appeal to different types of guests. For example, you can include such things as a free meal, free hot beverages and snacks, transportation to and from nearby sites, activities, and so forth. You want to find a unique hook that grabs the attention of tourists.

Get on Social Media Immediately

Social media should definitely be part of your marketing campaign, and if you’ve ignored it up to this point, it’s time to change that. Social media gives you a really effective way to create buzz and reach a large audience. You’ll be able to post pictures, announcements, promotions, special deals and packages, new features, amenities, and so forth. Just be sure you are engaging with people on social media, answering questions and comments in a timely fashion.

Feature Customized Souvenirs or Free Gifts

Another tip is to start selling customized souvenirs, or even offer them as an added gift or bonus. The idea is that guests will walk away from their stay with a branded item that others will take notice of, and that will remind the guest of their stay. In other words, the item will help to open up conversation and create buzz.

A really simple solution would be branded stoneware coffee mugs, as these would have universal appeal and are sure to get used in their home. You could place them in the guestrooms before guests arrive, and allow them to either buy them or offer them complimentary.

Update the Rooms

It may also be time to update the rooms in your bed and breakfast. This doesn’t mean you have to do a complete overhaul; it may just be the extra touches that need updating. You could invest in new bed linens and new décor and artwork, update the towels to something more plush and luxurious, or maybe give the rooms a fresh coat of paint.

By using these tips, you should start to see the results of your hard work as the number of bookings start to increase and there is an excitement that is generated around your property. The key will be for you to keep up with your efforts to ensure that interest remains. 



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