Dream About Turtles – Common Dream Meaning and Interpretations

Let’s start with the fact that these dreams are not common. They appear every now and then. Sometimes, they come to us subconsciously. For example, if you have a pet turtle, and you played with it before going to bed, you might dream about turtles. Or if you want to adopt a pet turtle.

In any case, today, we will try to look at different turtle dream meanings and interpretations. There is a hidden message behind every turtle dream interpretation. And we want to help you find out what does your dream means.

Generally speaking, turtle symbolism represents wisdom, loyalty, and longevity. So take that into consideration when trying to explain your common dream.

Fun fact: expectant women might see turtles in their dreams. Why? Because turtle symbolism refers to protection and fertility.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams about turtles

Think about how a turtle reacts when you see it in nature. When they feel in danger, they use their shell as protective armor. Without the shell, the turtle is a defenseless animal.

And that is how you should interpret your turtle dream. In our dreams, a turtle can take different forms. For example, you might see a land turtle or a sea turtle. Turtles are predators, but they are among the most primitive and oldest groups of reptiles. Over the years, they have evolved and have populated every part of the world.

So, does seeing a turtle in your dream is a good sign? Will something positive happen. The spiritual meaning of a turtle in a dream is a sign of going through positive experiences, positive feelings, great joy, and peace of mind.

Looking deeper into the spiritual meaning of turtles, they represent how we move in life. We often say turtles move slow but are you moving too fast in your waking life? Remember to move at a pace you feel comfortable in your real life.

Timing of actions and decisions in life can make the difference between success and failure. Turtles in our dream remind us of that. And speaking of the turtle spirit animal, we have to remember they symbolize longevity, long life, perseverance, protection, retreat, healing, tranquility, and transformation.

Common Turtle Dream Meaning and Interpretations

Being chased by a turtle

You might laugh at this given the speed of turtles, but these dreams do happen. When a turtle chases you in a dream, it is a sign of decisions in your life. When the turtle moves fast, it is a sign you postpone something important.

Think about your environment. Are you in denial about a certain problem? Or do you avoid a particular person in your personal life?

Turtle bite

To receive a tortoise bite in your dream is a warning sign. Someone who is loyal to you will get tired and might look in a different direction. For example, your partner might want to take a significant step in the relationship. But you are not ready for it. Sadly, your partner is tired of waiting for your decision.

This dream can also apply to the business world. It is a clear sign your patience may be exhausted.

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Injured turtle

Here is another dream meaning related to our feeling of growing old. This dream relates to the aging process. Remember, we will all eventually grow old. But you should retain your cheerful mind and attitude.

Buying a turtle

If you are buying a turtle in your dream, you are lucky. This good fortune sign signifies health and prosperity. Just stay on track and wait for the good news.

Dead turtle

As we said before, one of the turtle meanings in the dream dictionary is change. But if you see a dead turtle in your dream, or turtles dying, it symbolizes something you feel is slow or stagnant in your life. In this case, it is a very slow change you are undergoing.

In some cases, a dead turtle is also a sign of feeling vulnerable or exposed. Interpret the dream by looking at your current life situation.

Eating a turtle

We do not know how a turtle meat tastes, but we are sure this dream is a good sign. It signifies longevity and pleasure in life.

However, if you see other animals in your dream eating a turtle, it is a warning sign about obstacles.

Turtle running

We know that a tortoise cannot run fast or jump through obstacles. But if that happens in your turtle dream, it is a sign you need to speed things up. You are slow in some aspects of your waking life. So, your subconscious mind is trying to push you forward.

Turtle walking on land

Same as the turtle moves slowly on land, this dream is a sign you need to take things slow in real life. Pay attention to where the turtle is moving. It directly reflects the area of your life where you need to slow down.

Turtle on its back

When you see a turtle on its back it is a sign someone close to you feels emotionally or physically disabled. As you would help the turtle, you need to help your friend as well.

The dream could also signify you are in trouble. So, you might need support and help from people around you. Life has knocked you down but friends can help you get back on your feet.

Turtle swimming

What do turtles do? They go swimming. It is a natural aspect of their life. Dreaming of a turtle swimming means challenges in your life will eventually pass. But if you see turtles swimming in muddy waters, that is a sign of a few challenges and obstacles on the path of your goals.

Running after a turtle

This turtle dream meaning shows you run away from your problems. You should solve them instead. Avoiding problems makes them grow in size. They grow bigger and bigger, and eventually, they are too big and challenging for you to solve.

Take this dream as a reminder and warning sign that nobody else can solve your problems. You have to do it by yourself. Stop chasing the turtle and focus on solving challenges. Only that way you can move on.

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Catching a turtle

This dream of good luck symbolizes short-term success. You will win a conflict or an argument. But it will not end the conflict. Think of it winning a battle, not the whole war.

Talking to a turtle

If you have a conversation with a turtle in your dream, it is an important message from your subconscious mind. Basically, you need to try and remember the words you and the turtle spoke. They directly reflect things happening in your real life.

Empty turtle shell

This turtle dream is a direct sign that nothing stimulates you intellectually at the moment. You feel your mind stagnates. Try to find something motivating and stimulating to work harder and better. You might need to consider a hobby or activity that will improve your mental health.

And if you see broken turtle shells, take it as an indication of broken trust between you and the people around you. You feel defenseless because of the broken trust.

Size of turtles in your dreams

Depending on the size of the turtle in your dream, you might be looking at a different interpretation from the dream book.

Big turtle

You have to take into consideration that the size of the turtle represents its age. So, bigger turtle = older turtle. This dream is directly related to our own mortality. How do you feel about it? This dream might signify your fear of growing old and dying.

Giant turtle

When you dream about a giant turtle of disproportionate size, it is a sign of shame and difficulty. Like turtles, you hide inside your shell. Take it as a warning sign to free yourself from the shackles of shame.

Staying shackled will prevent your evolution and maturity.

Baby turtle

When you look at dream dictionary and baby turtles, there is a good symbolism. A baby turtle signifies fresh beginnings, beginning of a venture, traveling overseas, or pushing boundaries.

When you see a baby turtle, take it as a good omen of a long-term development.

Small turtle

When you see a small turtle in your dreams, it is a sign of a big victory coming your way. You will achieve the goal you set. And that will happen sooner than you think.

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Many turtles

Speaking of different turtles, what about seeing many turtles in your dream? It is a good sign meaning you can relax. Your friends and family protect you. They act as your shell and barrier.

Another dream book explanation is that you will experience enjoyment and pleasure soon. In any case, this dream about turtles is a pleasant one.

Turtle egg

Turtle eggs in your dream symbolize that you need to let go of worries and responsibilities. Show patience at work and allow others to handle some of the tasks. It is time to stop acting like you can and should do everything.

Turtle Colors and Meanings

Depending on the color of the turtle spirit animal in your dream, it can mean different things. Here are a few examples:

– A black turtle in your dream represents shadow work and external forces slowing you down

Red turtle means you need to pay close attention to your actions. You are probably engaged in counterproductive activity

– A blue turtle in your dreams represent your desire to have things run more smoothly

– Seeing a green turtle signifies strength and vitality in your life. It might also be a sign of a cure of diseases

Golden turtle indicates harmony and awareness toward some situation



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