Dreaming Of Cats – Common Cat Dream Meaning And Interpretations

When you see a cat in your dreams it is a sign of independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power. But dreaming of cats can sometimes represent misfortune and bad luck. Depending on different factors, cat dreams have different meanings and interpretations.

You should also take into consideration your love for cats. Are you a cat person? Or you do not like cats. If you love cats, or if you have cats, this dream might have a lot to do with your subconscious mind.

Speaking from a spiritual view, cats can see and hear things happen. Their night vision enables them to adapt to different light sources.

So, what does your cat dream signifies? Let’s take a look.

Biblical Meaning of Cats in Dreams

Cats are part of nature, and in spiritual meaning, they represent femininity or womanhood in your life. And that applies to both men and women.

Looking at cat symbolism, they are self-sufficient feline creatures. You probably relate to them. Seeing cats in dreams might signify your independence, womanly instincts, originality, and supremacy.

Yet, sometimes, a cat dream signifies bad luck and a bad omen. Remember, we still have the myth of seeing black cats.

With that in mind, let’s move to common cat dream meaning and interpretations.

Common Cat Dreams and Interpretations

We talked about the spiritual meaning of cat dreams, but now let’s take a look at specific scenarios and situations. Cats are some of our favorite pet animals. So, do you own a pet cat? Do you love cats? In any case, cats can appear in our dreams in different shapes and forms.

Black cat

This is one of the most popular myths. We believe black cats signify bad luck and misfortune. But when that happens in dreams, it is a different meaning.

To see a black cat in your dreams mean you should trust your intuition. Your subconscious mind tries to tell you something. So do not ignore it.

White cat

We mentioned that black cats dream are often. But what about a white cat in your dream? According to dream interpretation, a white cat is a sign of hope and desire.

Depending what your kitten does, it has a different meaning. For example, if you see an affectionate cat, it is a sign of enjoyment and hope. Yet, if you see one that is running away from you, it is a sign you want to achieve something in your real life but you are struggling to do so.

Cat eyes

When your dream focuses on the cat’s eyes, it is a sign you can find your way through dark and troubling times. You can see the bright side of a negative situation.

When you see a cat with glowing blue eyes, it is a sign you can look at things from a different perspective.

Cats as sexual energy

In some cases, the symbolic meaning of cats in your dreams is sexual energy and intimacy. So, if you see cats while you are preoccupied with something in your love life, pay attention to what happens.

What is the cat doing in the dream? Take a look at the state of the cat and her behavior. It is similar to what happens in your waking life.

Having a cat pet animal

When you dream of keeping a cat as a pet, it is a sign you will gain money. Another dream interpretation is that you will get rid of a disease plaguing you. If you are a cat lover or cat owner, lucky you.

When a woman dreams about keeping a cat, it might suggest an encounter with unexpected things, both good and bad.

Screaming cat

Take this dream as a bad omen that some of your friends will try to harm you with words and tricks. But you should also take into consideration the context of your personal life.

For example, when an expectant mother dreams of a screaming cat or a cat meowing, it is a reminder to be careful during pregnancy.

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Cat biting you

Among the many dreaming of cats interpretations, we have to look at a cat bite. Dreaming about being bitten by a cat is a sign of villains around you. The dream is a reminder and warning sign to be careful about people in your inner circle.

And if the cat almost bites you in your dream, it is a sign you have a powerful competitor in life or work. But you will defeat him/her in the end.

Dead cat

Cat dream about a dead cat is a sign of low spirits. Something has happened to you recently, and you do not feel well. But take this dream as a reminder that you should stop crying in pain.

When married people dream about a dead cat, it is a sign of disputes among family members. Time to communicate about possible issues before things escalate.

Talking cat

Seeing a talking cat in your dream implies opponents will try to launch an attack on you soon. Handle with care. When a man dreams about a talking cat, it is a sign of a competitor in their career.

Dreaming of kittens

There are many different cat dreams and meanings. But let’s take a look at kitten dreams. If you dream about cuddling with a fluffy kitty, it is a sign of childlike behavior. It is a reminder of your comfort zone. During childhood, we felt safe and secure.

Speaking of your inner child, this cat dream might also show your inner child seeks protection and refuge.

But there is another dream meaning. Because kittens are baby cats, they are a start of something new. Dreaming of a kitty is a clear sign you need to choose your path in life.

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Cats in the house

This dream is a clear sign of illusion. You lack clarity in understanding things in your personal life. Stop living in a haze. You need to have a proper direction of what to do next.

At the moment, you live in a fantasy world. You are reluctant to acknowledge the objective happenings of life.

This dream also signifies you are a pleasure seeker and you have a hard time coming out of your comfort zone.

Cats drinking milk or water

Cats drinking milk is a calming scene. But in your dream, it means your emotions are trying to overwhelm you. We know water symbolizes feelings. But the flow of negative emotions can weigh you down.

Think about people and feelings around you. There are probably toxic forces in your persona life. Take this dream analysis as a reminder to get rid of toxic people in your inner circle.

Playful cat

Playful cats symbolize your light attitude. You do not take things too seriously. You have a light-hearted attitude in life.

Try to enjoy every moment of your life and live in the moments. But at the same time, try to remain aware and conscious of things around you.

This cat dream is a reminder to stay happy, but aware.

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Angry Cat

Cats are not usually seen as aggressive animals. Yet, when you see an angry cat in your dream, it is a symbol of fear of someone or something.

Usually, humans going through a disagreement with a loved one dream of multiple cats attacking them.

Dreaming of fighting cats

You might think a catfight is not something you want to see in your dreams. But this cat’s dream has a positive meaning. It signifies your victory.

You have managed to overcome challenges and you came out of the troublesome situation as a winner. A failure is never an option for you. This dream is a reminder of the efforts you put into work. And now you see the success of it.

Cats attacking you

When you dream of multiple cats attacking you it is a sign of fear in your waking life. These dreams come often to people going through disagreements with their life partners.

But if you win over the aggressive cat, you will overcome the problem. Yet, if the evil cat wins, your fears and worries will overwhelm you. Ask for help to overcome the situation.



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