The Most Popular Flowers for Expressing Sympathy

Flowers are among the most popular gifts to give to someone you love and care about. While they can be a great gift for Mother’s Day, and are commonly given for Valentine’s Day, they are not only for joyful occasions.

In fact, some thoughtful sympathy flowers are one of the kindest gifts you can give to someone who is experiencing hardship. Sympathy flowers can show your support after someone has experienced the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, or have gone through other challenging circumstances in life.

Between the looks and the meanings of sympathy flowers, they can be a wonderful choice to show someone you care and are there for them. But which flowers are the best for expressing sympathy? Well, that is exactly what this blog post is going to take a closer look at. Read on to learn about some great choices for flowers that express sympathy.


With a meaning of “I will always love you”, orchids are a great flower to send to someone to show your sympathy. It shows you will always be there for them, and are thinking of them during these hard times. They are quite easy to find, relatively simple to care for, and look great at the same time.

They are a very graceful flower, and one that is incredibly sleek and beautiful. They don’t take up a ton of space, but are still very striking and eye-catching. Orchids come in many colors and while any can be appropriate, generally white or pink orchids are the most common choices for expressing feelings of sympathy.


Few flowers offer as much versatility as hydrangeas do. They can be given for Mother’s Day, but are also appropriate for showing sympathy. They are bright and happy, and this can make them awesome for helping someone who has been down in the dirt for one reason or another.

They often symbolize heartfelt emotions, and are among the best flowers for showing someone you care about them and are with them. The flowers can last a long time, and don’t require a ton of tending in order to keep them looking good.

Because hydrangeas can also be given for joyous occasions, it’s not a bad idea to include a message of sympathy with the flowers. This can be done to ensure the flowers give the right message, and can be a good choice for personalizing your gift. There are a variety of different messages you can include in your note, and it should be about being kind, showing your support, and letting them know you are there to help them if they need it.

White Roses

Roses, like hydrangeas, are flowers that have been traditionally given in a variety of situations and have many different kinds of meanings. Pink or red roses are great for signifying romantic love, whereas yellow roses are perfect for friendship.

White roses, on the other hand, are the preferred choice for sympathy bouquets or arrangements. This flower has a variety of meanings, such as humility, innocence, purity, and reverence. Roses themselves are stunning, and everything from their scent to their petals are beloved by most.

White roses are also the perfect base to any bouquet, and other sympathy flowers can be added to them without having a clash of colors.

Peace Lilies

A peace lily is known for it’s dark green leaves, and sleek and small white flowers. It is a very delicate plant, that can help clean the air in a home, and be nearly-effortless to take care of. This flower is very relaxing and can calm people down and help them to relax, even when their situation is challenging. The flower can help them slow down, and take a few breaths, which can be helpful if their life has been difficult as of late.

In addition to peace lilies, lilies in general can be good choices, too. They symbolize sympathy, are often seen at funerals, and symbolize things like renewal and rebirth. They are the perfect flower to remember somebody, and can fit well in an arrangement with many other types and kinds of flowers.


An underrated choice, a ranunculus is a stunning flower that is sure to put a smile on the face of someone who is going through some hardships. The flower looks similar to a rose from afar, but as you get closer, you begin to take note of the stunning details of this flower.

The petals are layers beautifully around the center, the flower is very full and round, and the flower comes in many colors to choose from. If you are sending these flowers to show sympathy, you generally want to go with a white, purple, or light pink variety, as they are more reserved and neutral than the other colors. These are perfect to send to someone to show them that they are special to you, and you care for them deeply.


If your goal is to show your sympathy by helping someone feel better and improving their mood, giving them some tulips can be a good idea. They are the perfect symbolism for a fresh start, and can help get someone out of a rut that they have found themselves in. These flowers are wonderful for providing hope, and their bright colors and cheerful shape are impossible not to smile at.

While these are often given at happy occasions, they can be incredibly helpful when it comes to introducing some positivity and encouragement into a person’s life when there is struggle present. Few flowers are better atr brightening a dark situation, and helping to show that there can still indeed be light and happiness at the end of the tunnel they may find themselves in.

In conclusion, any of these flowers are perfect for expressing sympathy and showing your friends or family members that you are there for them during their time of need.



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