Female Pheromones and Other Ways to Enhance a Dating Experience

When a lady chooses a perfume scent it may now not just have a nice scent but also contain a pheromone ingredient. It may take longer to choose but the perfume must offer more than just its scent. Particularly when dating success is at stake.

A dating success requires effort and the pheromones for women available need to be considered as much as clothing and what the first thing to say might be.

Let us then think about the essential elements of getting a date right. It can mean the difference between continuing to search for the perfect man or being able to hold on to the one that you have already found. To attract someone’s attention early on may well mean that you then have it for a lifetime.


Pheromones work similarly to hormones, except that they work outside of the body. They are something of an inducer in terms of sexual arousal. Insects will use pheromones to communicate. In human terms, the pheromone will be secreted by one individual on the outside and then the scent picked up by the other individual. It must be with two of the same species, though.

The pheromones to which we refer will be detected by the olfactory system, which is under-developed when it comes to humans, so needs all the help it can get. Pheromone perfumes are considered attractive by many who date to help when it comes to creating physical pheromones attraction through smell. It is for us to decide whether they work when it comes to our dating experiences.

Choice of Food

Rather like the idea of perfumes containing pheromones that attract, certain foods are thought to arouse sexual instinct. We are talking here about increasing the sexual desire, as the pheromone is thought to achieve, along with the enhanced sexual pleasure and performance the foods are also thought to take care of. It is good to know that we can combine perfumes and food for a powerful effect when it comes to the female attracting the male of the species.

Foods that sexually attract are termed aphrodisiacs. They are named after the Greek goddess of love, who was called Aphrodite. Rather than find out more about Aphrodite, you are no doubt keener to know more about the foods that fall into the aphrodisiac category. Unlike pheromone perfumes or colognes, they do not exactly have labels that indicate these properties. The foods to seek out will include oysters, spicy chili peppers, asparagus, artichokes, strawberries, and watermelons.

Thinking about fruits and passion, you may well have that image in your mind of that rom-com where a strawberry was slowly, and with much feeling, exchanged between romantic participants. Well, this fruit would have been used because it is a known aphrodisiac. Also, of course, red is something associated with romantic intentions. This leads us on to dress choice, which could be red, but then black is a stylish and popular choice, too.

Choice of Dress

Unless you are short on material, a sensible length dress that does not give too much away about yourself might be the way to approach the first date. Save the shorter number for when you are on a girls’ night out. Also, think about how your dress might look from all angles. A long mirror in the bedroom will prove invaluable. Never have such a thing behind you when opening the front door, though, in case you must answer the door in a hurry while you are still getting ready for your date.

It is a good approach to gradually reveal more and more about yourself to your date. Many of us like a good suspense novel and so like to be entertained in that way. Wining and dining should not be a process that is rushed. A polite conversation will flow once the initial inhibitions have been taken care of by successful introductions that have been achieved through role play with a friend, or because of rehearsing the words and expression several times in front of your long mirror.

Avoid too long a dress that might become a trip hazard and create an unwanted embarrassing moment. Avoid a light shade just in case you should accidentally spill some food on it. Should it be red wine that is spilled on your clothing, and the dress is not red, white wine may be poured on top of it as a solution for the stain.

The above are all ways to enhance a date when you are a woman of any age looking for love. Pheromones are certainly being used by more younger people. You are as young as you feel, and pheromones can only make you feel younger. If we believe in them as much as we should believe in ourselves, then how can we fail?



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